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Sleeping positions And Your State Of Health

Sleeping with back pain  When you lay down in certain positions, it stifles your heart.  Try laying sideways and see what I mean.  When the heart is squeezed, it is not able to pump enough blood to the brain.  Experiment with different positions in order to check this out.

Mother and baby girl sitting and relaxing in nature. Try laying on your back and see what happens.  Are you able to notice any congestion in your lungs.  Machines do not always pick up what is wrong with you.  Some things are picked up by the time you are in critical stage.  This is not always the case though.

Happy kids close in circle on sky backgroundAt any rate, you should be able to be diagnosed for problems, regardless of the stage of the disease.  In other words, you should not hit rock bottom before they realize that there is something wrong with you.  Certain personnel become frustrated with patients, if they cannot find the root cause.  To me, this is exactly what is wrong with modern medicine.  They rely too much on machines as opposed to human conversations.

Unfortunately, machines cannot measure pain.  For a society that relies on machines to measure disease, can you imagine how frustrating this must be for people who suffer excruciating pain?  Patients get the notion that if a machine did not measure it, it did not happen.

Fresh produce and glass bottles with preserved food at homeA society that measures health care strictly with machines is bound to fail.  Eventually people will turn back to old fashioned remedies, due to the lack of care.  Speaking of care, this is exactly what is lacking in the modern health “care” system.  The word “care” is an oxymoron where medical staff treat you as though they do not care what is happening to you.  When people are treated like dollar bills, they will turn to alternatives.  An example of this is a patient that is referred to one specialist after another, where a series of expensive tests are conducted.  Since the machines cannot measure pain, the patient is treated as a hypochondriac or something to that effect.  What is wrong with this picture?

Try going to sleep with propped pillows and see what happens.  A patient with obstructed airway should not be laying flat on their back.  Yet some hospitals do this without questioning individual concerns.  Not all hospitals are this insensitive, I am just saying, it does happen.

If you read the previous posts, then you know that sleeping positions have everything to do with good health.  Some people wind up very ill because their sleeping position is not optimal for oxygen to go to the heart or brain.

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