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Secret To Kidney Health

Shhh!  No one is listening.  So, let me tell you a secret.  No one is reading, except the super smart people , who won’t take no for an answer.

See, the majority of people will give up.  Conveniences are everywhere.  Thus, people take shortcuts.  This means that although healing options are available, people utilize what is readily available.  Convenience presents a problem because it gets into the aspect of quality.  How often have we changed our diets based on the environment?

I know a lot of you are anxious to know more about kidney health.  The hits skyrocket whenever I talk about kidneys.  Many people’s kidneys are suddenly going non-functional.  Is it surprising though?  We do eat a lot of non-foods.  Of course, the kidneys are affected.  After all, they are a filter for the body’s toxins.  So if your kidneys are already overloaded with sufficient toxins, why add to the problem.  Most of the times, this happens when we look to comfort foods as a reaction to overwhelming events.

No matter what type of toxins you put in your body, whether it is commercial sugar, commercial salt, alcohol, white flour and so forth, there is always a good food you can replace it with.  In the case of kidneys, black rice and black beans are very helpful.  Many people will hear this and won’t try it. But those who do will see the benefit immediately.

When you season these foods be sure to use Adobo seasoning.  I would venture to say include cilantro, olive oil, onions and Sazon.  Optional would be Bragg minerals.  That might make it too salty.  It doesn’t have to be overdone, a smidgen here and there will do.

I cannot even begin to list the benefits of black beans compared to other beans.  But I will give you a link. Black Beans
Anyone who has had kidney problems know that digestion can be a problem.  Black beans have a way of getting to the hard crevices to get to the part of the colon, such as the lower digestive tract.  The protein fiber combo helps lessen the digestive burden.  Its substances attack bacteria.  It regulates blood sugar so diabetics need not worry.  Its enzymes break down starch.  Furthermore, it has as much antioxidant as an apple.

What is interesting for me is my ability to hone in to foods that help with kidney issues.  My ancestors speak through me on this issue.  And they are always right.  Many do not believe in supernatural events or synchronicity.  I no longer deny it nor hide from it and thus I receive a lot of help.  Most of all I am grateful that every food they have brought to me can be researched and verified as good for the kidneys.  Every bean is not equal.  This is a warning to those who make generalizations without looking at the latest research.  Bon Apetit!

copyright 2013, Mercedes Beato Hawkins


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