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Today’s Music Seeks To Control You


      The reason to guard ears against imposing dissonance sounds is simple.  Modern Western music is designed to drive disease into you.  In fact, it is modeled after Nazi experiments to cause mass hysteria among other evil.  Clearly today’s music aims to control you.  However, we are never stuck because there is always an answer.

      528 records seeks to convert regular songs to the original musical scale, which is in tune with nature.  In other words, it is harmonic.  By harmonic I mean it resonates with the sound of the wind, birds, water and nature in general.  By doing this you repair your DNA.  We are seeking to expose people to healing music, as opposed to music that makes you ill and irritable.

      Back in 1940 and 1953 the tuning standard of music was changed to a very dissonant sound which alters your brain waves, causing unreasonable fear and pathology.  To put it short and simple.  By controlling your feelings the powers that be can keep you in slavery mode.  It is really that simple.  The two evil tones are 741 and 440.  It should be 444 or 528,or even 432.  432 is in line with the Solar Plexus.  528 aligns your heart.  Both the 432 and 528 are at the center of your being.  In 1953, it was sealed.  All music across the world had to be tuned to 440.  This is not a part of the original scale.  It is complicated because 528 is C and 432 is A.  But the point is that ears know harmonics when it hears it.  The fact that the US had to model everything after the Nazi’s is scary.  The fact that they want to control people is scary.

     The original creation has nine tones. 9 musical notes. 9 scales. The entrappers reduced it to 7, then 6. Aim is to make you go mad, altering reality to create world dominion through tones, words, music, chants. Become aware. Digital BS versus organic music. It is all relevant. Sounds create realities. Some sounds are eery and designed to entrap your soul. Know the difference. In Botany, the green chlorophyll vibrates to harmonics, just as the heart does, which by no coincidence, the heart vortex/wave(Chakra) is green. And green is at the heart of the rainbow. The dissonance creators employ tactics that destroy life. Be mindful of your surroundings. Most people live unconsciously…going along with what is served.

Enneatonic = 9 tone. Reminds me of the Ennead, the original creation. Do you see the word nine in both? And by no coincidence the Galaxy shapes into a nine. And by no coincidence we named our show Sparks of 9.

Both 432 hz and 528 hz are fundamental to sacred geometry and create harmonics, affect water, air& sand positively. In 1940, 1953 standard tuning went to 440 hz, which is the dissonant sound which causes illness mentally and physically. 432 hz is for A, and 528 is for C. The pyramids of South America and Egypt are built using 432 and 528 principles.

The above is an example of 528 music.  Below is a radio show I conducted with co-host Jhiggs which goes into detail about hidden messages in music as well as other stuff.  This topic cannot be completely covered in a short article.  That is why, I don’t ant to make this post too long.  So please press the links an listen.

20013, Mercedes Hawkins, blogger


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Walking A Mile In Someone’s Shoes

If you walk a mile in someone’s shoes would you act like them?
How about if you had their circumstances too…in particular, environment/conditions under which they grew up…then would you act like them?

      No?…what if you were born under their sign? then would you respond to situations the way they do?
Don’t be so quick to judge people until you know what makes them tick.
      This is not to excuse evil, because everyone does not take the evil path.  Just try to understand people.   But if they continue in their evil, get out of their way.  If that’s the case you’re going from negotiation/trying to get an understanding to despotism.  My way or the highway is abusive behavior.  If it’s at that level forget trying to understand someone,.  Understand that no matter how charismatic a person is, one should not associate with them in any way whatsoever.  It becomes dangerous just to be around them.  Once a person has been abused, the resulting bipolar behavior is like a walking time bomb waiting to explode.  What do you do with these bruised souls?

“A friendship is between two peers,” says Florence Isaacs, author of Toxic Friends/True Friends. “There has to be balance in a friendship for it to be healthy — not one person whose needs get met and another whose needs are overlooked.”

     No one knows what causes one soul to react differently, while under similar circumstances.  I believe the birth sign plays a role, because the position of the planets at birth does affect  personalities.  I also suspect that previous lifetimes also play a role, and add to the level of trauma to a person’s psyche.  In that case, curiosity kills the cat, because thought process got them there in the first place.  

     But you can see how it can snowball into lifetimes of tragedy.  The people in Europe who captured slaves knew what they were doing in terms of breaking their psyche.  Abuse transcends ethnicity.  But I think of the abuse Blacks were put through, and it is easy to understand why they are so screwed up today.  Husbands were forced to watch their wives get raped and vice versa, mother’s fetuses were sliced and fed to dogs….and so much more that you can’t stand to hear.  So if you cannot stand to hear it, then you can imagine just how broken Black people’s psyche must be.

     Most of them are in denial of what happened to them, just as all abused people are in denial of what happened to them.  It is really sad.  So now you have all these bipolar people walking around in every race, color and creed.

The following checklist is helpful.

Again, if you walked a mile in someone’s shoes would you act like them?  How about if you were in their environment?  How about if you were in their birth sign?  How about if you lived all their lifetimes?

Copyright, Mercedes Beato.

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Kyanite Crystal Aligns All Chakras

 Kyanite is the stone of my choice.  I was at a Gem show and fell in love with, it the minute I laid eyes on it.  I asked the seller for a description and he had none.  So I asked a customer and he replied that it is good for sleep.  So I take it home, put it under my pillow, and sure enough, I sleep like a baby for the first time in a long time.

     Later I learn, that Kyanite aligns all your Chakras, at once.  Wow!  How many stones can align all your Chakras simultaneously?  I kept thinking wow, no more laying down and matching stones to each Chakra.  This takes the brain work out of it!  The point really is I needed realigning badly, after being bombarded with evildoers and evil deeds.  I simply couldn’t understand how some people sleep at night.  How can they do evil things without a conscious…without so much as a flinch?  Worst still is, those who cause death, suicide and then laugh about it.  What is the world coming to?  Is it true that when the world gets this evil, it is time to start over?  Is it a sign of the fall of civilization?

     My mind was racing.  I was literally dodging snakes and bullits.  Choosing my battles carefully is a choice, in itself.  Well in the midst of all these racy thoughts, the answers started coming, one by one.  I’m thinking wow we are not alone.  Every time I reach the end of my rope, here comes some symbol, literature, object or animal that helps clarify things.  This time it was the Kyanite.  It came to me, that not only is it good for sleep but it actually aligns all the Chakras.  This means it balances you.  Most people work at the Chakra that they are weak at.  If you are new this, try lining them up all at the same time.  Okay so you can tell I am excited.

      I place the Kyanite over my crown.  Immediately I felt relief from all the stress, all the stones hurled at me, all the bullets, stakes and knives.  Incredible.  Absolutely incredible is all I could think.  After the crown, I move the stone to my temple.  It worked each time with every intention.  I learned later that it is part of the characteristic of this stone.  It can work in any part of the body.  And just as exciting is the fact that it doesn’t have to be charged!  This is my kind of stone…easy to use.  It is also my favorite color.  But the more I read, the more ridiculous good it got.  And by ridiculous I mean good.  As it turns out, the Kyanite is a Taurean crystal! What better match could there be?  The color blue is my favorite for a reason.  It is the color of the Throat Chakra.  I couldn’t ask for more.  I carried it with me as if I was reading the book or article.  But guess what?  I found out afterwards, all this in those same exact steps!  This is not the first time this happens.  Sometimes I read books before I read them.


copyright Mercedes Beato-Hawkins

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Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

  Why do evil things happen to good people?  It is not always the fault of the victim.  Some say “Oh, they attracted it, through the law of attraction.”  But that is not always the case.  Here is an exception to the rule.  A person can be born into an evil situation.  A child’s parent’s roommate could beat the child silly, so how did the child cause this…or the parents?

     That being said, let us now take on a new perspective as to why evil things happen to good people.  Young people may be abducted and whoever is watching may think the child knows the kidnapper so they move on, with a business as usual attitude.  The public may not be aware of what was said to the young person or victim period.  A threat could have been made, such as “if you scream I will kill you.”  This can happen to a teenager or young adult who may be caught by surprise without pepper spray. 

     On the other hand, there are cases where the victim looks frantic but those passing by, decide to mind their own business.  There have been cases to the other extreme, where people are fully aware that a crime is taking place, but they simply choose not to be  a part of it.  What are the reasons for this?  Perhaps an observer fears getting caught up in the crime.  Maybe they fear becoming a suspect.  Or maybe it is just too inconvenient to be a witness.

     In a case such as a work situation, there are people who fear losing their jobs if they testify.  They may fear that harassment may follow.  Again, others may feel that a testimony is inconvenient.  They are more concerned with their own issues, headaches, problems, whatever.  This is a very selfish stance.  People are not stepping outside of themselves enough to care what happens to a life after a crime.

     What happens to a child after they are beaten to the point where their skin changes color?  What happens to a teen after an attempted rape?  Penetration does not always have to occur for the victim to feel traumatized.  The very idea of being wrongfully handled/fondled can turn the mind into a wrongful spin.  A person can feel worthless or that they are looked upon as worthless because of what happened.  They might feel like “I must be ugly because look what happened.”  Even males who have been handled in a sexual nature grow up with self esteem issues.

     The sad part about all this is that people no longer feel safe walking from point A to point B.  All neighborhoods appear to be targets for crime.  Rich, poor, middle class and all levels in between are not immune to crime activity.  Some people say a prayer before they go out, but that is besides the point.  The point is crime does occur, and once it does, what do you do about unwilling witnesses? 

     The reason why bad things happen to good people, is because we do nothing.  We are too afraid of bullies.  We are too afraid of what bullies might do.  We fear consequences.  This is true of workplace violence especially.  Being verbally assaulted or harassed at work can create the illusion that the receiver is at fault.  Surely the employee must have done something for the boss to be that upset.  They deserve this treatment right?  Few people are ethical enough to step forward and say enough is enough.  Few people are courageous enough to lay their job on the line  in order to bring justice.  By the same token, few people are courageous enough to lay their life on the line in order to save a life.  So overall, crime continues to be the order of the day because people are cowards.  Criminals are good at creating an atmosphere of fear.  This bully mentality, whether in the corporate world, the political arena or the playground counts on the fear syndrome.  Ladies and gentlemen, many children and innocent victims, will suffer today because you feel powerless.

     But the more you study powerlessness the more you realize it is an illusion.  You feel powerlessness because you are using the wrong model,  the what if.  What if this person is too vindictive.  In many cases they are, so you are justified in thinking so.  But don’t take on a defeatist attitude.  You may be surprised to find out that there really is strength in numbers.  If enough people come forward, any bully can be brought down.

copyright 2012, Mercedes Hawkins

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Thinking Positive Is Worth It, When It Comes To Sales

Looks like the Law of Attraction really works.  Guess one has to believe it, to practice it.  For me, it sounded too simplistic.  I was thinking “right, if it is that simple, why isn’t everybody doing it?” 

     My conclusion is that everybody is not doing it because we have been programmed to think negative.  In other words, we have been programmed to worry about the future.  The “what if” syndrome kicks in, when we are faced with the unknown.  I can hear the echo now, “What if I don’t have enough money to pay rent?”  “What if enough people don’t sign up for this multilevel project or sales project?”  “What if my business venture is not productive immediately and I am left holding the bag?”

      Face it.  We have been taught that worrying is tantamount to planning.  The old adage is reverberating right now; “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”  How many of you heard that one?
      Well, today I bear witness, that the minute I started counting my blessings, instead of my misfortune, I received even more blessings.  It has to do with expectations.  If you do not expect people to help you, they will pick up on this vibe and they won’t.  They figure, “you don’t think you are worthy so why should I?”  So, essentially you write your own death warrant or failure warrant, every time you expect people to disappoint you.

      When people are browsing your products, they expect you to help them make up their minds.  Many vendors have a tendency to say, “okay, thank you.”   People pick up on the fact that you do not expect much from them, if anything at all.  You are really saying “bye, I don’t expect you to buy from me, today.”  They pick up the vibe/expectation and go to the next vendor.  Usually the other vendor expects sales, and they get it.  The vendor with little expectations get little, while they are left wondering why they never sell much.  Expectation is everything.  Customers pick up on your expectation of them, believe it or not.  When you have great expectations, in sales, you are saying, “I have a good product and confidence in it, so I know you will too.”  Expectation is everything and it works every time.  Ask any salesman.

      In short, you get what you expect in your personal life and particularly in sales.  So, the next time you sell or need help, do not shortchange yourself.  Expect the best from people, and you will never be disappointed.

copyright 2012, Mercedes Hawkins


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What Is 11:11 About?

Are we awoke or asleep? Ahhh…11:11 means wake up. If your 11th Chakra is not opened, then we are asleep. By now we should have purified our bodies, souls and spirits in order to do The Great Work.  Just in case you are not paying attention let me say this again…you should be tapping into the Akhashic records…the Lioness’s paw, so to speak. 11 11 initiation is waking up female energy…it is subtle…it is nurturing. 

Think of it as The Shekinah aka wormhole…aka vortex…aka opening and I don’t mean feminine in the mortal sense. I’m talking teleportation, travelling beyond space and time..we should be performing these tricks by now. And I don’t mean in the sense of tricks to impress….I mean a preparation for what is to come, being able to exist outside your bodies. Our ancestors were prepared for ascension…did not fear death and because of the preparation could do more than we have ever done! Mind communication was instant. 

Their eleventh Chakras were opened! We are supposed to be prepared by now. INITIATIONS, what the number 11 represents were done to prepare you for what is to come with the opening of the 12th Chakra. Each Chakra is opened in chronological order in self as in the cosmos…as above so below. In the 8th Chakra your heart should have awakened. You should have broke through the membrane of what separates us by now. So the lovers unite as ONE soul. Your emotional body is awakened at this stage. But  the 11th Chakra opening you are supposed heal from past wounds and understand all past traumas. When you purify yourself wholly only then can you ascend to the next level. This holy + whole-ly body purification includes the purification of the mind.

     There are several initiations that take you there, yoga, mantras, meditations, breathings and eating certain foods, drinking certain drinks at certain times. It is done in stages and as ceremonies, by yourself and as a community. By now you should have achieved Sacred Union…ecstasy…humbleness…awe. At the 11th Chakra opening you tap into the spiritual library. You should be able to exist in 2 places at once, engage in astral travel, doing ascension work while still in the physical body. You should be manifesting your heart’s desires. 11 means awakening to your multidimensional self, the BA the Ka soul spirit physical the nature of your auric egg. Your soul should be merging with your Soul. Use a rose quartz on your heart to help you open the eleventh Chakra. This is the self love crystal. Love Thyself. Study the Beatitude. This is prerequisite before walking on water [the 12th Chakra]. In ancient times gods and goddesses were given a glimpse of what was to come as ascended masters. 
     Sorry to repeat myself but too many people are seeing the 11:11 and we have to do something, it is not there just to wonder about…you must act because of what will happen in 2012, sure you can flow along but it is better to be a participant, lest the magma catch you unawares. You must meditate on earth, air, fire and water; and understand the significance of these 4 elements. It will help you with clairvoyance, intuition and telepathy. Soon you will be in a supreme divine alchemy. Especially if you realize that you are always at the right place- right time. RIGHT TIME. 11:11 is the time. Once you realize this you are on your way to self re’alization.”  
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Mercedes Beato-Hawkins previously published this in 2011 Blogspot Linking2yourhealth

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Earliest Recordings Of Sacred Geometry


The earliest recordings of sacred geometry began in Kemet/Egypt.  The person that spearheaded the idea of recording seen and unseen shapes began or continued with Seshat.  Seshat is actually the first scribe and wife of Thoth.  While she was the first scribe, Thoth was the first to teach mankind writing.  Mankind in this case refers to a kind of man, such as foreigners from other continents.

Priestess and Priests had been offering deep knowledge for years.  Seshat enjoyed recording significant events of the different reigns of Queens and Kings.  You may call her accountant and historian.  But more importantly, you may call her an astronomer.  Perhaps that is an understatement.  This woman was the wisest woman alive.  The term wisdom was attributed to her as the wise of the wise.  The statement that behind every great man there is a woman has never been truer.

We see images of Seshat as wearing a seven pointed crown on her head.  At other times we see her carrying the seven-pointed wand.  This is where the fairy-god-mother idea comes from.  Seshat was a god/goddess in her own right.  The seven pointed star in heaven emanates from the concept of the single point of being and creation.  The point or consciousness expands to multiply itself going in seven directions.  Then picture the lines meeting and a circle forming around it.  Of course this is where Western society gets its concept that the male was first, since straight lines are associated with males and circles with females.  A counter argument is that the circle was first and imaginary lines are drawn to form a cross and so forth, resulting in a square etc.  It is my belief that the seven directions represents seven intelligences that are now called wheels or vortexes.  I could be wrong, but it seems it would represent the seven Chakras.  The cosmos themselves are called wheels within wheels.  And isn’t that what the Chakras are?

     But no matter how you look at the process of creation, we all know it begins with eggs and that the universe is predominantly female by all the solar systems being circular.  Not only that, but all sentient beings are strong on intuition. This is a trait of the female species. 

     Seshat took part in the ceremony of the umbilical cord.  And yet, it was during her time that the umbilical cord was denied.  For some reason, the focus went to males as gods and creators.  Seshat’s temple has not been found (if she had one).  But she did prove her wisdom.  It seems she knew that history would one day be the way it is now, distorted, even to the point where female intuition would not be valued.  We saw this in the story of Queen of Sheba and some, in fact, equate her to the Queen of Sheba.  The way she studied the star systems and the energies they bring was really profound.  In fact, she was able to lay down the foundation for which astrologers today read those energies.  The mathematics involved sacred geometry.  Today we see a story unfolding.  But this is not just any story.  This is the story of the evolution of the mind.  It seems, in the past, based on the actions of people coupled with the star formations and fixed and non-fixed positions and the length of the rotations, coupled with the repetition of cycles, she was able to predict the future, which is today.

      Hieroglyphs tell interesting stories about history.  For example, one hieroglyph depicts wise women obeying stiff-necked men.  Some of the hieroglyphs represent cosmic events that affect the Earth on a large scale.  One can find some of these hieroglyphs on the famous zodiac of Dendera.  Something monumental happened where intuition was no longer seen as important and “powers” passed from females to males.  This includes the initiation of kingship and lineage issues.  It seems these energies are part of a Great Year cycle that repeats itself in a spiralling motion.  History does not repeat itself in equal parts.  But sometimes it appears to be repeating itself but with variations of characters.  This has to do with the shifting of major stars every 2160 years as we are experiencing now.

    At any rate, Seshat proved herself to be wiser than anyone long after she transitioned and even before that.  We are just now discovering the contribution of women to society, not just as nurturers but as scientists and mathematicians; and even as political decision-makers.  This is what is meant by the saying that society cannot rise any higher than its women.  When women are oppressed or played down, citizens suffer.  People commit violent acts, genitals get mutilated, wars take place and everything is out of balance.  Even in the animal world the females play an important role.

     Seshat was able to incorporate sacred geometric figures with curve lines to depict the status of the cosmos.   Many people wonder how sacred geometry came to be discussed.  It had a lot to do with the period when the shift was taking place.  There was a shift from female power where men and women are equal, to a male power where inequality was the rule.  Seshat creates hieroglyphics to depict events in the cosmos and she proves that women are just as wise if not wiser than men.  All of this has to do with intuition because when you go within, you get the answer to everything.  When women rule, society is egalitarian because their vocabulary is inclusiveness.  Men tend to think in terms of hierarchy, theocracies and different levels.  Men were not always deprived of intuition.  It seems to have to do with something in the star systems where certain energies abound.  

     Now the truth is coming out as far as Seshat being the source of knowledge for Thoth.  She initiated the thought and he was the active principle.  Some men will admit that women have a brain.  But one thing is for sure.  The day of “shut up and be pretty” are over.  It is detrimental to waste brain power or to be afraid to shine.  It only hurts society.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  By suppressing women, we are suppressing the future because they are the first teachers.  And speaking of firsts, the study of the Dendera Zodiac suggests that the term alpha, omega; first and last, applies to women.  I will provide two links for you to read more on this topic.

copyright Mercedes Hawkins 2012

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