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Video About Ebola and its Purpose as Mark Of The Beast

Yes, you heard it correctly – Ebola was created in a lab in order to enforce the marking of the beast.  You will be marked.  You cannot sell or buy.  But you don’t have to accept the mark.  Be creative and get off the grid.

If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t do this.  This is for your own good.  You will thank me later.  I tried to hold my silence, but innocent people are dying.  And privacy is going out the window.  What’s with the mass graves…That was a rhetorical question to make you think.


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My Fearless Mom And The Mystery Of Her Existence

I was telling my friend of how while in a nursing home my Mom would beat up 3 men at a time for touching her inappropriately. She was 85 at the time and they were scared to death of her.

I had to get her out of there quick.

My friend was laughing silly and saying I took up after her because I was the only one who stood up to a common bully we all knew.  And everyone was scared of her except me. But I feel anyone in their right mind would not put up with the stuff she put us through.

It is sad to watch people exercise power over others, as if that would make their life better.

Many of us were born one way, and society made us another way.  For example, we are born fearless.  But society teaches us to be fearful.  Parents and teachers enforce this false doctrine of fear.  The Bible is a strange book, because it teaches you to fear the devil, while at the same time it says, you were not created in a spirit of fear.  I think that a lot of misinterpretation takes place.

The school system teaches everyone to fall in place or else face punishment.  The first teachers were nuns. They would hit people with rulers.  It is a very wise system devised to put people in boxes and to teach one to follow norms.  One is never encouraged to think outside the box.

Today there are many institutions that enforce these norms.  Thus, people are too afraid to think outside the box.

It is sad to watch potential die.  At 86 years of age, my Mom wanted to go to school.  We hear this and we laugh.  But the brain never really stops working.  Her brain was pretty intact even at that age.  We have a stereotype of people that says, they cannot learn after a certain age.

We never knew much about her folks except they stayed in the countryside.  Her Mom was quiet and her Dad a musician.

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Relationships: Never Put All Your Cookies In One Jar

Man shutting his ears and not listening to nagging



The sound of a  door slamming is heard!  Why?  Someone just broke up with someone.  Speaking of emotions, slamming a door and breaking valuables is not rational.  You will need those later.  But who says people think rationally, when it comes to relationships?  Guard your health.  Do not put all your cookies in one jar.

Why He Lies 

     This is not a promotion to go whoring around as a non-committal type of person.  No.  This is a warning for you to finish school regardless of who broke up with you.  Do not cut yourself.  Some people even tattoo themselves for a person.  Belief systems change just to please a person.  Hairstyles change.  Clothing styles change.  And for what?…only to be dumped.  What I am saying is before you put all your emotions into one person, make sure you know who you are getting with.  Some people are so desperate to please or stop being lonely, that they jump in, too soon.  Do not give your all to a person, because a smile does not mean they feel the same way about you.  

Divorce,problems - Young couple angry at each other


Just because a person cares about you, does not mean they love you.  Guard your person.  There are scums out there.  Some scumbags double cross, cheat, pretend, act two-faced and so on.  In other words, they do just enough to get your nookie.  Buying a nice gift does not equate to love.  Treating you out to dinner back to back, does not equate to love.  It could be that the person wants some nookie.  Admittedly, you are fine.  Who wouldn’t be attracted to you?  Think!  If they cared that much, they would have fixed your car, or called triple A when you were stranded.  No, but instead, they let your Mom pay the tow truck.  They eat at your house daily and never help with chores.  Really?  If they eat at your place, they could at least wash the dishes.  Why can’t you see these clues?

Right Questions To Ask Boy/Girlfriend 

     If a person is el cheapo and claims to be suffering financial hardship, it could be a red flag.  Could it be that they do not value you?  Could it be that they simply are not vested in you?  No, they would rather invest in their other love.  They may not be whoring, necessarily.  But could it be that they’re just not that into you?  If a person does not come through at a time of need, could it be that they just don’t want to?  An excuse does not sound like an excuse when you’re in-love.   It all sounds logical, and falls in place when you’re in love.  Get a clue.  Don’t ask for opinions just to reject them.  When you’re in love you are crazy and that is why people do not give advice.

     Do not kill yourself over a relationship.  Dot not stop school or ruin your job over a relationship.  Life goes on.  You will meet someone else.  It is hard to believe, but it is true.  Do not go on a drinking binge.  Do not put all your cookies in one jar until you find the right jar.

copyright 2014, Mercedes Beato-Hawkins


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Today’s Music Seeks To Control You


      The reason to guard ears against imposing dissonance sounds is simple.  Modern Western music is designed to drive disease into you.  In fact, it is modeled after Nazi experiments to cause mass hysteria among other evil.  Clearly today’s music aims to control you.  However, we are never stuck because there is always an answer.

      528 records seeks to convert regular songs to the original musical scale, which is in tune with nature.  In other words, it is harmonic.  By harmonic I mean it resonates with the sound of the wind, birds, water and nature in general.  By doing this you repair your DNA.  We are seeking to expose people to healing music, as opposed to music that makes you ill and irritable.

      Back in 1940 and 1953 the tuning standard of music was changed to a very dissonant sound which alters your brain waves, causing unreasonable fear and pathology.  To put it short and simple.  By controlling your feelings the powers that be can keep you in slavery mode.  It is really that simple.  The two evil tones are 741 and 440.  It should be 444 or 528,or even 432.  432 is in line with the Solar Plexus.  528 aligns your heart.  Both the 432 and 528 are at the center of your being.  In 1953, it was sealed.  All music across the world had to be tuned to 440.  This is not a part of the original scale.  It is complicated because 528 is C and 432 is A.  But the point is that ears know harmonics when it hears it.  The fact that the US had to model everything after the Nazi’s is scary.  The fact that they want to control people is scary.

     The original creation has nine tones. 9 musical notes. 9 scales. The entrappers reduced it to 7, then 6. Aim is to make you go mad, altering reality to create world dominion through tones, words, music, chants. Become aware. Digital BS versus organic music. It is all relevant. Sounds create realities. Some sounds are eery and designed to entrap your soul. Know the difference. In Botany, the green chlorophyll vibrates to harmonics, just as the heart does, which by no coincidence, the heart vortex/wave(Chakra) is green. And green is at the heart of the rainbow. The dissonance creators employ tactics that destroy life. Be mindful of your surroundings. Most people live unconsciously…going along with what is served.

Enneatonic = 9 tone. Reminds me of the Ennead, the original creation. Do you see the word nine in both? And by no coincidence the Galaxy shapes into a nine. And by no coincidence we named our show Sparks of 9.

Both 432 hz and 528 hz are fundamental to sacred geometry and create harmonics, affect water, air& sand positively. In 1940, 1953 standard tuning went to 440 hz, which is the dissonant sound which causes illness mentally and physically. 432 hz is for A, and 528 is for C. The pyramids of South America and Egypt are built using 432 and 528 principles.

The above is an example of 528 music.  Below is a radio show I conducted with co-host Jhiggs which goes into detail about hidden messages in music as well as other stuff.  This topic cannot be completely covered in a short article.  That is why, I don’t ant to make this post too long.  So please press the links an listen.

20013, Mercedes Hawkins, blogger

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The Sun Is Good For Us As Food And A Healer

 We need to expose ourselves to the sun more than ever.  There is some ignorance going on about sun exposure. The reality is that the sun nourishes us and heals us.
Megastar – THE SUN – nourishes our bodies and like trees we grow. Gases of sun created all forms of life. The protons released from the sun are captured by the skin, affecting every cell. An inadequate amount of solar energy results in the growth of microbes, the hijacking of mutagens. Microscopic life depends on the rays of the sun.
     We consume the sun as food…just as plants capture it as chlorophyll. Some eat sun indirectly as plant food.
You can also breathe the sun and be filled with its holy spirit of vitamins.  As you breathe, you inhale the energy of the sun.




A particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. A photon carries energy proportional to the radiation…

     The light is the original life.  Light comes from the sun in the form of photons.  This is  a living organism.  You, in turn emit this bio-photonic energy and some call it an aura.  Others call it a shell.  These lights induce biological processes crucial to ideal bodily functions.  The process of mitochondria when studied, reveal light emitting factors.  It is for this reason that we have access to the all or what some call the Akhashic Record.  So thank the sun the next time the future or past is revealed to you.  We receive same information at night by way of the Moon.  But the Sun behind the Moon is the actual source.  But we still thank the Moon for reflecting such a Great Light.

 Psychological changes occur when you move away from the sun.  These changes are detrimental to your health.   It has been discovered that suicide and depression increase in areas where the sun does not shine year round.  Vitamin D is needed by the body in order to inhibit disease.  The opposite can result in lupus, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, thyroid problems and auto-immune encephalomyelitis.  hypertension and tuberculosis are reduced by it.  We all feel better on a sunny day.  Vitamin D is now considered a hormone.
You can name just about any disease and discover that it is improved by exposure to the sun.  Diabetes, gout, and ulcers are but a few examples.  Even patients with Alzheimer’s are being coached into stepping out into the sun.  Plaques form around the brain when there is no sun.  Therefore, there is a connection between brain atrophy and sunlight.

     There is an argument about skin cancer being associated with exposure to the sun.  Thus, you must understand balance.  Exposure to UVA (short radio waves) and UVB (Ultraviolet rays) radiation has a immuno-suppressive effect, helping to eradicate auto-immune disease.   The sun releases melanocytes and keratinocytes improving any DNA damage.  The sun helps psoriasis due to its releasing calcitonin, which is a gene related peptide.  All of the above chemical reactions are a result of the body releasing peptide activity in order to fight UV rays.  Thus, exposure to radiation from the sun is good for the body.
     Overall, we need to use common sense in balancing our bodies by exposing it to the sun.  It is to our advantage to expose ourselves to the sun more than ever for two reasons.  The sun nourishes us and the sun heals us.

published & C 2013, Mercedes Beato-Hawkins

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This Is Your Last Time To Enjoy Summer

Friends walking on the beach at sunsetIf you live in a place where Winter lasts forever and summers are short, this post is for you.  I live in a place where Spring can sometimes fee like Winter.  Thus it makes Winter seem to last for days on end.  The Fall isn’t so hot either.

     With that being said, and you are with me so far, you may want to consider taking advantage of these last Summer days.  Here we are, in Mid-August already.  Children and young adults go back to school soon.  It seems that each year, they go back earlier.  I digress.

     My point is that you should be outdoors doing something you love.  Walking by the beach isn’t such a bad idea.  Even if you have to drive, it is still worth it.  It is better to feel as though you took full advantage of summer, than let it pass by.  Soon, you may find yourself stuck in the house because it is too cold to go outside.

Kids playing basketball with a ball up in skyGo by a Lake.  Pretend to fish.  Throw rocks at the Lake.  Watch the ducks.  Enjoy nature.  Speaking of nature, go for a hike.  There are plenty of parks in every city.  Go to a park that you have never been to before.  It may sound silly, but in reality, being next to nature has a healing effect on the soul.  Going to a mall to get out of the house is okay.  But you can do that in the Winter time.

     Go to an outdoor festival.  The more outdoorsy the activity, the better.  Spray bug spray if you must.  I prefer that you use Neem, for it is natural.  Citronella is natural as well.  In fact, while you are at it, go to a fake beach.  Most major cities have man-made beaches.  Some have water parks.  Enjoy the cool feel of water splashing on your face.

Watch children play basketball.  People watch, while outdoors.Students CyclingLast but not least, ride your bicycle.  Borrow one or rent one if you do not have one.  You don’t have to go far, or strain yourself.  The idea is to enjoy the weather.  Did you know that a lot of diseases are caught in the home?  Yes, germs in kitchens and bathrooms are very much there.  Even worst are the chemicals that you use to clean with.  If the air condition is on, chances are, the chemicals are trapped in your house.  Your attitude should be one of opening as many windows as possible, to let those germs and chemicals out.  Air condition and heat come with a price.  Welcome the opportunity to breath fresh air.

     I would hate to see you regretting staying in, as you flashback this winter.  Fresh air can do wonders for your health.  You can take in deep breaths so badly needed, without compromising your health (or smelling pipes, not to mention chemicals).  You will feel as though you did not take nature for granted.  Nature will reward you with optimal health.  Put that remote down.  And the laptop too.  The game as well, such as X-Box, Wii and all other digital games.  Leave that for lonely snowed in Winter.  Can’t let the game go?  You can always go to a cafe and sit outdoors.  Get fresh air!  Thank you for listening. 🙂

c Mercedes Beato-Hawkins 2014

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The Biology Of Crystals

If you attempt to heal self with stones, such as gemstones and crystals, you then align yourself with Mother Earth. This you are creating a spiritual connection.

Crystals are created by a biological process.  To this end, crystals are living beings.  The information they have to give us is startling, yet healing.  Some crystals are created by magma or by the ice cold places.  Snow is a crystal created in cold climate.  If it is molded by lava, then it is called granite.  If the process includes a metamorphic process, then you have marble.

Crystals contain silica, alumina, and many other elements found in your body.  Although rocks do not have the same aspect as vitamins, they do activate your energy centers.  So if your third eye is closed or any other energy center in your body, you can get stuck in more ways than one.  Your soul can stagnate.  Let The Mineral Kingdom assist you.

We have 64 ways to connect to the higher source.  We have potentials that have not even been tapped into. Stones/gemstones/crystals serve to activate your DNA.  This is why the Egyptians, Africans and Native Americans would wear jewels.  It wasn’t just for adornment.


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