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Today’s Music Seeks To Control You


      The reason to guard ears against imposing dissonance sounds is simple.  Modern Western music is designed to drive disease into you.  In fact, it is modeled after Nazi experiments to cause mass hysteria among other evil.  Clearly today’s music aims to control you.  However, we are never stuck because there is always an answer.

      528 records seeks to convert regular songs to the original musical scale, which is in tune with nature.  In other words, it is harmonic.  By harmonic I mean it resonates with the sound of the wind, birds, water and nature in general.  By doing this you repair your DNA.  We are seeking to expose people to healing music, as opposed to music that makes you ill and irritable.

      Back in 1940 and 1953 the tuning standard of music was changed to a very dissonant sound which alters your brain waves, causing unreasonable fear and pathology.  To put it short and simple.  By controlling your feelings the powers that be can keep you in slavery mode.  It is really that simple.  The two evil tones are 741 and 440.  It should be 444 or 528,or even 432.  432 is in line with the Solar Plexus.  528 aligns your heart.  Both the 432 and 528 are at the center of your being.  In 1953, it was sealed.  All music across the world had to be tuned to 440.  This is not a part of the original scale.  It is complicated because 528 is C and 432 is A.  But the point is that ears know harmonics when it hears it.  The fact that the US had to model everything after the Nazi’s is scary.  The fact that they want to control people is scary.

     The original creation has nine tones. 9 musical notes. 9 scales. The entrappers reduced it to 7, then 6. Aim is to make you go mad, altering reality to create world dominion through tones, words, music, chants. Become aware. Digital BS versus organic music. It is all relevant. Sounds create realities. Some sounds are eery and designed to entrap your soul. Know the difference. In Botany, the green chlorophyll vibrates to harmonics, just as the heart does, which by no coincidence, the heart vortex/wave(Chakra) is green. And green is at the heart of the rainbow. The dissonance creators employ tactics that destroy life. Be mindful of your surroundings. Most people live unconsciously…going along with what is served.

Enneatonic = 9 tone. Reminds me of the Ennead, the original creation. Do you see the word nine in both? And by no coincidence the Galaxy shapes into a nine. And by no coincidence we named our show Sparks of 9.

Both 432 hz and 528 hz are fundamental to sacred geometry and create harmonics, affect water, air& sand positively. In 1940, 1953 standard tuning went to 440 hz, which is the dissonant sound which causes illness mentally and physically. 432 hz is for A, and 528 is for C. The pyramids of South America and Egypt are built using 432 and 528 principles.

The above is an example of 528 music.  Below is a radio show I conducted with co-host Jhiggs which goes into detail about hidden messages in music as well as other stuff.  This topic cannot be completely covered in a short article.  That is why, I don’t ant to make this post too long.  So please press the links an listen.

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Kyanite Crystal Aligns All Chakras

 Kyanite is the stone of my choice.  I was at a Gem show and fell in love with, it the minute I laid eyes on it.  I asked the seller for a description and he had none.  So I asked a customer and he replied that it is good for sleep.  So I take it home, put it under my pillow, and sure enough, I sleep like a baby for the first time in a long time.

     Later I learn, that Kyanite aligns all your Chakras, at once.  Wow!  How many stones can align all your Chakras simultaneously?  I kept thinking wow, no more laying down and matching stones to each Chakra.  This takes the brain work out of it!  The point really is I needed realigning badly, after being bombarded with evildoers and evil deeds.  I simply couldn’t understand how some people sleep at night.  How can they do evil things without a conscious…without so much as a flinch?  Worst still is, those who cause death, suicide and then laugh about it.  What is the world coming to?  Is it true that when the world gets this evil, it is time to start over?  Is it a sign of the fall of civilization?

     My mind was racing.  I was literally dodging snakes and bullits.  Choosing my battles carefully is a choice, in itself.  Well in the midst of all these racy thoughts, the answers started coming, one by one.  I’m thinking wow we are not alone.  Every time I reach the end of my rope, here comes some symbol, literature, object or animal that helps clarify things.  This time it was the Kyanite.  It came to me, that not only is it good for sleep but it actually aligns all the Chakras.  This means it balances you.  Most people work at the Chakra that they are weak at.  If you are new this, try lining them up all at the same time.  Okay so you can tell I am excited.

      I place the Kyanite over my crown.  Immediately I felt relief from all the stress, all the stones hurled at me, all the bullets, stakes and knives.  Incredible.  Absolutely incredible is all I could think.  After the crown, I move the stone to my temple.  It worked each time with every intention.  I learned later that it is part of the characteristic of this stone.  It can work in any part of the body.  And just as exciting is the fact that it doesn’t have to be charged!  This is my kind of stone…easy to use.  It is also my favorite color.  But the more I read, the more ridiculous good it got.  And by ridiculous I mean good.  As it turns out, the Kyanite is a Taurean crystal! What better match could there be?  The color blue is my favorite for a reason.  It is the color of the Throat Chakra.  I couldn’t ask for more.  I carried it with me as if I was reading the book or article.  But guess what?  I found out afterwards, all this in those same exact steps!  This is not the first time this happens.  Sometimes I read books before I read them.


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What Is 11:11 About?

Are we awoke or asleep? Ahhh…11:11 means wake up. If your 11th Chakra is not opened, then we are asleep. By now we should have purified our bodies, souls and spirits in order to do The Great Work.  Just in case you are not paying attention let me say this again…you should be tapping into the Akhashic records…the Lioness’s paw, so to speak. 11 11 initiation is waking up female energy…it is subtle…it is nurturing. 

Think of it as The Shekinah aka wormhole…aka vortex…aka opening and I don’t mean feminine in the mortal sense. I’m talking teleportation, travelling beyond space and time..we should be performing these tricks by now. And I don’t mean in the sense of tricks to impress….I mean a preparation for what is to come, being able to exist outside your bodies. Our ancestors were prepared for ascension…did not fear death and because of the preparation could do more than we have ever done! Mind communication was instant. 

Their eleventh Chakras were opened! We are supposed to be prepared by now. INITIATIONS, what the number 11 represents were done to prepare you for what is to come with the opening of the 12th Chakra. Each Chakra is opened in chronological order in self as in the cosmos…as above so below. In the 8th Chakra your heart should have awakened. You should have broke through the membrane of what separates us by now. So the lovers unite as ONE soul. Your emotional body is awakened at this stage. But  the 11th Chakra opening you are supposed heal from past wounds and understand all past traumas. When you purify yourself wholly only then can you ascend to the next level. This holy + whole-ly body purification includes the purification of the mind.

     There are several initiations that take you there, yoga, mantras, meditations, breathings and eating certain foods, drinking certain drinks at certain times. It is done in stages and as ceremonies, by yourself and as a community. By now you should have achieved Sacred Union…ecstasy…humbleness…awe. At the 11th Chakra opening you tap into the spiritual library. You should be able to exist in 2 places at once, engage in astral travel, doing ascension work while still in the physical body. You should be manifesting your heart’s desires. 11 means awakening to your multidimensional self, the BA the Ka soul spirit physical the nature of your auric egg. Your soul should be merging with your Soul. Use a rose quartz on your heart to help you open the eleventh Chakra. This is the self love crystal. Love Thyself. Study the Beatitude. This is prerequisite before walking on water [the 12th Chakra]. In ancient times gods and goddesses were given a glimpse of what was to come as ascended masters. 
     Sorry to repeat myself but too many people are seeing the 11:11 and we have to do something, it is not there just to wonder about…you must act because of what will happen in 2012, sure you can flow along but it is better to be a participant, lest the magma catch you unawares. You must meditate on earth, air, fire and water; and understand the significance of these 4 elements. It will help you with clairvoyance, intuition and telepathy. Soon you will be in a supreme divine alchemy. Especially if you realize that you are always at the right place- right time. RIGHT TIME. 11:11 is the time. Once you realize this you are on your way to self re’alization.”  
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Mercedes Beato-Hawkins previously published this in 2011 Blogspot Linking2yourhealth

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