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Earliest Recordings Of Sacred Geometry


The earliest recordings of sacred geometry began in Kemet/Egypt.  The person that spearheaded the idea of recording seen and unseen shapes began or continued with Seshat.  Seshat is actually the first scribe and wife of Thoth.  While she was the first scribe, Thoth was the first to teach mankind writing.  Mankind in this case refers to a kind of man, such as foreigners from other continents.

Priestess and Priests had been offering deep knowledge for years.  Seshat enjoyed recording significant events of the different reigns of Queens and Kings.  You may call her accountant and historian.  But more importantly, you may call her an astronomer.  Perhaps that is an understatement.  This woman was the wisest woman alive.  The term wisdom was attributed to her as the wise of the wise.  The statement that behind every great man there is a woman has never been truer.

We see images of Seshat as wearing a seven pointed crown on her head.  At other times we see her carrying the seven-pointed wand.  This is where the fairy-god-mother idea comes from.  Seshat was a god/goddess in her own right.  The seven pointed star in heaven emanates from the concept of the single point of being and creation.  The point or consciousness expands to multiply itself going in seven directions.  Then picture the lines meeting and a circle forming around it.  Of course this is where Western society gets its concept that the male was first, since straight lines are associated with males and circles with females.  A counter argument is that the circle was first and imaginary lines are drawn to form a cross and so forth, resulting in a square etc.  It is my belief that the seven directions represents seven intelligences that are now called wheels or vortexes.  I could be wrong, but it seems it would represent the seven Chakras.  The cosmos themselves are called wheels within wheels.  And isn’t that what the Chakras are?

     But no matter how you look at the process of creation, we all know it begins with eggs and that the universe is predominantly female by all the solar systems being circular.  Not only that, but all sentient beings are strong on intuition. This is a trait of the female species. 

     Seshat took part in the ceremony of the umbilical cord.  And yet, it was during her time that the umbilical cord was denied.  For some reason, the focus went to males as gods and creators.  Seshat’s temple has not been found (if she had one).  But she did prove her wisdom.  It seems she knew that history would one day be the way it is now, distorted, even to the point where female intuition would not be valued.  We saw this in the story of Queen of Sheba and some, in fact, equate her to the Queen of Sheba.  The way she studied the star systems and the energies they bring was really profound.  In fact, she was able to lay down the foundation for which astrologers today read those energies.  The mathematics involved sacred geometry.  Today we see a story unfolding.  But this is not just any story.  This is the story of the evolution of the mind.  It seems, in the past, based on the actions of people coupled with the star formations and fixed and non-fixed positions and the length of the rotations, coupled with the repetition of cycles, she was able to predict the future, which is today.

      Hieroglyphs tell interesting stories about history.  For example, one hieroglyph depicts wise women obeying stiff-necked men.  Some of the hieroglyphs represent cosmic events that affect the Earth on a large scale.  One can find some of these hieroglyphs on the famous zodiac of Dendera.  Something monumental happened where intuition was no longer seen as important and “powers” passed from females to males.  This includes the initiation of kingship and lineage issues.  It seems these energies are part of a Great Year cycle that repeats itself in a spiralling motion.  History does not repeat itself in equal parts.  But sometimes it appears to be repeating itself but with variations of characters.  This has to do with the shifting of major stars every 2160 years as we are experiencing now.

    At any rate, Seshat proved herself to be wiser than anyone long after she transitioned and even before that.  We are just now discovering the contribution of women to society, not just as nurturers but as scientists and mathematicians; and even as political decision-makers.  This is what is meant by the saying that society cannot rise any higher than its women.  When women are oppressed or played down, citizens suffer.  People commit violent acts, genitals get mutilated, wars take place and everything is out of balance.  Even in the animal world the females play an important role.

     Seshat was able to incorporate sacred geometric figures with curve lines to depict the status of the cosmos.   Many people wonder how sacred geometry came to be discussed.  It had a lot to do with the period when the shift was taking place.  There was a shift from female power where men and women are equal, to a male power where inequality was the rule.  Seshat creates hieroglyphics to depict events in the cosmos and she proves that women are just as wise if not wiser than men.  All of this has to do with intuition because when you go within, you get the answer to everything.  When women rule, society is egalitarian because their vocabulary is inclusiveness.  Men tend to think in terms of hierarchy, theocracies and different levels.  Men were not always deprived of intuition.  It seems to have to do with something in the star systems where certain energies abound.  

     Now the truth is coming out as far as Seshat being the source of knowledge for Thoth.  She initiated the thought and he was the active principle.  Some men will admit that women have a brain.  But one thing is for sure.  The day of “shut up and be pretty” are over.  It is detrimental to waste brain power or to be afraid to shine.  It only hurts society.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  By suppressing women, we are suppressing the future because they are the first teachers.  And speaking of firsts, the study of the Dendera Zodiac suggests that the term alpha, omega; first and last, applies to women.  I will provide two links for you to read more on this topic.

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