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Ebola Spreads By Vaccinations

The following was posted on Facebook as new information about Ebola.  Here is to sharing.


People In the Western World Need to Know What’s Happening Here in West Africa. THEY ARE LYING!!! “Ebola” as a Virus Does NOT Exist and Is NOT “Spread”. The Red Cross Has Brought a Disease to 4 Specific Countries for 4 Specific Reasons and It Is Only Contracted By Those Who Receive Treatments and Injections From the Red Cross. That is Why Liberians and Nigerians Have Begun Kicking the Red Cross Out of Their Countries and Reporting In the News the Truth. Now Bear With Me:


Most People Jump to “Depopulation” Which is No Doubt Always on the Mind of the West When It Comes to Africa. But I Assure You Africa Can NEVER Be Depopulated By Killing 160 People a Day When Thousands are Born Per Day. So the real Reasons Are Much More Tangible.
Reason 1: This Vaccine Implemented Sickness Being “Called” Ebola Was Introduced Into West Africa for the End Goal of Getting Troops on the Ground In Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. If You Remember We Were Just Trying to Get Into Nigeria for “Boko Haram” ‪#‎BULLSHIT‬ But That Fell Apart When Nigerians Started Telling the Truth. There ARE NO GIRLS MISSING. Global Support Fell Through the Floor, and a New Reason Was Needed to Get Troops Into Nigeria and Steal the New Oil Reserves They Have Discovered.

Reason 2: Sierra Leone is the World’s Largest Supplier of Diamonds. For the Past 4 Months They Have Been on Strike, Refusing to Provide Diamonds Due to Horrible Working Conditions and Slave Pay. The West Will Not Pay a Fair Wage for the Resources Because the Idea is to Keep These People Surviving on Rice Bags and Foreign AID So That They Remain a Source of Cheap Slave Labor Forever. A Reason Was Also Needed to Get Troops On the Ground In Sierra Leone to Force an End to the Diamond Miners Strikes. This is Not the First Time This Has Been Done. When Miners Refuse to Work Troops Are Sent In and Even If They Have to Kill and Replace Them All, the Only Desire is to Get Diamonds Back Flowing Out of the Country. Of Course to Launch Multiple Campaigns to Invade These Countries Separately Would Be WAY Too Fishy. But Something Like “Ebola” Allows Access to an Entire Area Simultaneously…

Reason 3: In Addition to Stealing Nigerian Oil, and Forcing Sierra Leone Back to Mining, Troops Have Also Been Sent In to FORCE Vaccinations (Deadly “Ebola” Poison) Onto Those Africans Who Are Not Foolish Enough to Take The Willingly. 3000 Troops Are Being Sent In to Make Sure That This “Poison” Continues to Spread, Because Again It Is Only Spread Through Vaccination. As More and More News Articles Are Released Like the One Above From Liberia, Informing the Populous of the US Lies and Manipulation, More and More Africans Are Refusing to Visit the Red Cross. Troops Will Force These Vaccinations Upon the People to Ensure the Visible Appearance of an Ebola Pandemic. In Addition to This They Will Protect the Red Cross From the Liberians and Nigerians Who Have Been Rightfully Ejecting Them From Their Countries.

Reason 4: 3000 Troops….. Is Ebola Susceptible to Bullets?? Ridiculous. Last But Not Least the APPEARANCE of This Ebola “Pandemic” (Should Americans Not Catch On) Will Be Used to Scare Countless Millions Into Taking the “Ebola Vaccine” Which in Reality IS THE PANDEMIC. Already They Have Started With Stories of How It Has Been Brought Back to the US and Has Appeared in Dallas, How White Doctors Were Cured But Black Infected Are Not Being Allowed to Be Treated Etc.

ALL That Will Do Is Make Blacks STRIVE to Get the Vaccine, Because It Appears That the “Cure” is Being Held Back From Blacks. They Will Run Out In Droves to Get It and Then There Will Be Serious Problems. With All We Have Seen Revealed About Vaccines This Year You Would Think We Learned Our Lesson. All I Can Do Is Hope So, Because They Depend Highly On Our Ignorance to Complete Their Agendas. Ask Yourself If Ebola Was Really Spread From Person to Person, Instead of Controlled Spread Through Vaccination – Then WHY Would the CDC and the US Government Continue to Allow Flights In and Out of These Countries With Absolutely No Regulation, Or At All? We Have Got to Start Thinking and Sharing Information Globally Because They Do Not Give the True Perspective of the People Who Live Here in West Africa. They Are Lying for Their Own Benefit and There Aren’t Enough Voices Out There With a Platform to Help Share Our Reality. Hundreds of Thousands Have Been Killed, Paralyzed and Disabled By These and Other “New” Vaccines All Over the World and We Are Finally Becoming Aware of It. Now What Will We DO With All This Information?’

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Secret To Kidney Health

Shhh!  No one is listening.  So, let me tell you a secret.  No one is reading, except the super smart people , who won’t take no for an answer.

See, the majority of people will give up.  Conveniences are everywhere.  Thus, people take shortcuts.  This means that although healing options are available, people utilize what is readily available.  Convenience presents a problem because it gets into the aspect of quality.  How often have we changed our diets based on the environment?

I know a lot of you are anxious to know more about kidney health.  The hits skyrocket whenever I talk about kidneys.  Many people’s kidneys are suddenly going non-functional.  Is it surprising though?  We do eat a lot of non-foods.  Of course, the kidneys are affected.  After all, they are a filter for the body’s toxins.  So if your kidneys are already overloaded with sufficient toxins, why add to the problem.  Most of the times, this happens when we look to comfort foods as a reaction to overwhelming events.

No matter what type of toxins you put in your body, whether it is commercial sugar, commercial salt, alcohol, white flour and so forth, there is always a good food you can replace it with.  In the case of kidneys, black rice and black beans are very helpful.  Many people will hear this and won’t try it. But those who do will see the benefit immediately.

When you season these foods be sure to use Adobo seasoning.  I would venture to say include cilantro, olive oil, onions and Sazon.  Optional would be Bragg minerals.  That might make it too salty.  It doesn’t have to be overdone, a smidgen here and there will do.

I cannot even begin to list the benefits of black beans compared to other beans.  But I will give you a link. Black Beans
Anyone who has had kidney problems know that digestion can be a problem.  Black beans have a way of getting to the hard crevices to get to the part of the colon, such as the lower digestive tract.  The protein fiber combo helps lessen the digestive burden.  Its substances attack bacteria.  It regulates blood sugar so diabetics need not worry.  Its enzymes break down starch.  Furthermore, it has as much antioxidant as an apple.

What is interesting for me is my ability to hone in to foods that help with kidney issues.  My ancestors speak through me on this issue.  And they are always right.  Many do not believe in supernatural events or synchronicity.  I no longer deny it nor hide from it and thus I receive a lot of help.  Most of all I am grateful that every food they have brought to me can be researched and verified as good for the kidneys.  Every bean is not equal.  This is a warning to those who make generalizations without looking at the latest research.  Bon Apetit!

copyright 2013, Mercedes Beato Hawkins

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Sleeping positions And Your State Of Health

Sleeping with back pain  When you lay down in certain positions, it stifles your heart.  Try laying sideways and see what I mean.  When the heart is squeezed, it is not able to pump enough blood to the brain.  Experiment with different positions in order to check this out.

Mother and baby girl sitting and relaxing in nature. Try laying on your back and see what happens.  Are you able to notice any congestion in your lungs.  Machines do not always pick up what is wrong with you.  Some things are picked up by the time you are in critical stage.  This is not always the case though.

Happy kids close in circle on sky backgroundAt any rate, you should be able to be diagnosed for problems, regardless of the stage of the disease.  In other words, you should not hit rock bottom before they realize that there is something wrong with you.  Certain personnel become frustrated with patients, if they cannot find the root cause.  To me, this is exactly what is wrong with modern medicine.  They rely too much on machines as opposed to human conversations.

Unfortunately, machines cannot measure pain.  For a society that relies on machines to measure disease, can you imagine how frustrating this must be for people who suffer excruciating pain?  Patients get the notion that if a machine did not measure it, it did not happen.

Fresh produce and glass bottles with preserved food at homeA society that measures health care strictly with machines is bound to fail.  Eventually people will turn back to old fashioned remedies, due to the lack of care.  Speaking of care, this is exactly what is lacking in the modern health “care” system.  The word “care” is an oxymoron where medical staff treat you as though they do not care what is happening to you.  When people are treated like dollar bills, they will turn to alternatives.  An example of this is a patient that is referred to one specialist after another, where a series of expensive tests are conducted.  Since the machines cannot measure pain, the patient is treated as a hypochondriac or something to that effect.  What is wrong with this picture?

Try going to sleep with propped pillows and see what happens.  A patient with obstructed airway should not be laying flat on their back.  Yet some hospitals do this without questioning individual concerns.  Not all hospitals are this insensitive, I am just saying, it does happen.

If you read the previous posts, then you know that sleeping positions have everything to do with good health.  Some people wind up very ill because their sleeping position is not optimal for oxygen to go to the heart or brain.

c 2014 August , Mercedes Beato-Hawkins

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Fighting Allergies The Right Way

There are those who fight allergies using pharmaceuticals, otherwise known as over the counter medicine.  I find this to be counterproductive.  Over the counter allergy medicines suppress the symptoms, otherwise called reactions.  One reaction to the allergens is watery eyes.  The allergens can be ragweed or pollen or something else in nature.  Another reaction is itchy eyes.  Some people respond by sneezing.

These reactions are the body’s way to fight foreign objects or things.  Imagine that.  Your body is allergic to nature.  Nature did not create nature to be allergic to itself.  Do animals sneeze as much as humans during pollination?  Are their eyes just as watery?  I think not.  My premise and fact finding factoid is that if we would stop eating meat, milk and cheese, you wouldn’t have allergies.

All the people interviewed that were vegan reported not having allergic reaction to nature.  Many in fact reported having allergies when they partook in meat, milk and cheese consumption.  But let us pretend for a moment that I am speaking to a non-vegan audience who wants relief.

One relief is bee pollen.  But you must take two pellets to start and increase it slowly.  There are dry pellets that need no refrigeration.  But for the same price you can get fresh ones.  You can tell the fresh ones because they have to be refrigerated.

Bee pollen has all the vitamins the body needs.  In addition to that it has bioflavonoids, amino acids and enzymes.  Many people report that any kind of vitamins help fight the allergic reactions so common during pollination.  The best vitamin is bee pollen because it is natural.  Furthermore it unlike other vitamins is complete, contains enzymes and amino acids.

Many people have had good results with bee pollen.  Start with two pellets and increase it gradually.  Everybody’s body reaction is different.  If this does not work for you, try other natural vitamins.

copyright Sept 25, 2014, Mercedes Beato-Hawkins

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Kyanite Crystal Aligns All Chakras

 Kyanite is the stone of my choice.  I was at a Gem show and fell in love with, it the minute I laid eyes on it.  I asked the seller for a description and he had none.  So I asked a customer and he replied that it is good for sleep.  So I take it home, put it under my pillow, and sure enough, I sleep like a baby for the first time in a long time.

     Later I learn, that Kyanite aligns all your Chakras, at once.  Wow!  How many stones can align all your Chakras simultaneously?  I kept thinking wow, no more laying down and matching stones to each Chakra.  This takes the brain work out of it!  The point really is I needed realigning badly, after being bombarded with evildoers and evil deeds.  I simply couldn’t understand how some people sleep at night.  How can they do evil things without a conscious…without so much as a flinch?  Worst still is, those who cause death, suicide and then laugh about it.  What is the world coming to?  Is it true that when the world gets this evil, it is time to start over?  Is it a sign of the fall of civilization?

     My mind was racing.  I was literally dodging snakes and bullits.  Choosing my battles carefully is a choice, in itself.  Well in the midst of all these racy thoughts, the answers started coming, one by one.  I’m thinking wow we are not alone.  Every time I reach the end of my rope, here comes some symbol, literature, object or animal that helps clarify things.  This time it was the Kyanite.  It came to me, that not only is it good for sleep but it actually aligns all the Chakras.  This means it balances you.  Most people work at the Chakra that they are weak at.  If you are new this, try lining them up all at the same time.  Okay so you can tell I am excited.

      I place the Kyanite over my crown.  Immediately I felt relief from all the stress, all the stones hurled at me, all the bullets, stakes and knives.  Incredible.  Absolutely incredible is all I could think.  After the crown, I move the stone to my temple.  It worked each time with every intention.  I learned later that it is part of the characteristic of this stone.  It can work in any part of the body.  And just as exciting is the fact that it doesn’t have to be charged!  This is my kind of stone…easy to use.  It is also my favorite color.  But the more I read, the more ridiculous good it got.  And by ridiculous I mean good.  As it turns out, the Kyanite is a Taurean crystal! What better match could there be?  The color blue is my favorite for a reason.  It is the color of the Throat Chakra.  I couldn’t ask for more.  I carried it with me as if I was reading the book or article.  But guess what?  I found out afterwards, all this in those same exact steps!  This is not the first time this happens.  Sometimes I read books before I read them.


copyright Mercedes Beato-Hawkins

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Stress Relieving Fruit And Digestive Aid

I spoke about the importance of getting back to nature now that we are past 2012.   I followed my own advice and became in tune with trees and all that resides outside concrete, man-made structures.  Doing so resulted in a resolution to a current dilemma.

     I had been in a car accident as of May 25, 2012.  This accident caused me a great deal of stress.  For one thing, I had exhausted my leave when I utilized the standard Family Leave Act when I began taking care of my Mom.  At times it seems I am being penalized for being a responsible daughter.  Got accused of using too much leave in more ways than one.  In fact, it prevented me from becoming a SME (Subject Matter Expert).  But it is all political and who you know, considering others have become SME while under FMLA.  In my case, deprivation of my rights perhaps have to do with a nasty EEO case where I was falsely accused.  Reading over the booklets, I can see where data has been manipulated to make me appear criminal.  But I understand this is only being done to save their ars.  The person never said what they said she said in the manner that she said it.  So that is an example of data manipulation in order to justify their action or lack thereof.

     As if this wasn’t stressful enough I am in the midst of a manipulative divorce after having endured abuse that shall remain nameless at this time.  I hope one day he becomes mature enough to admit his faults and take accountability.  So imagine dealing with thugs hitting your car, stressing you, while you are in the midst of a nasty divorce and false accusations at work.  Okay, I know by now you are thinking, “use the law of attraction!”  But let me clarify something.  I didn’t ask to be physically abused in the playpen by my aunt and her daughter.  How does a 7 month old baby attract negativity?  You understand me?  So before you go judging me consider the circumstances of which I was born into.  That being said, it has been a snowball effect of bad luck and no, I did not as a baby initially cause this snowball effect.  That being said, I will now hug myself and forgive myself for attracting negativity all my life including an abusive partner in a marriage that left me traumatized.

     By the time I had my stroke the marriage had already ended emotionally.  Thus, I did not get the care I deserved.  I had to self-feed.  I cannot go into detail of how he destroyed my daughter.  That would take a book.  But I will say that it is a matter of record as far as admitting to police that he treated her harsh and it ended in her” suicide.”  There is a lot that I have to contend with.  For example, the resulting emotional stress of my other children after this.  Not to mention my own post traumatic stress that I have to deal with on my own.
     The divorce has not got nasty yet.  It’s too early.  But it could get nasty all things considered.  For example, the way he has worded the statements in the divorce, it makes it look like I am making more money than him.  How slick.  This could lead to me paying my abuser alimony if he really wanted to stretch it.  He could even say I abandoned him when I was simply fleeing for my life, while he was going through a tantrum or perhaps a bi-polar episode.  But the way society manipulates data they always find a way to make it look like the woman is unstable.  And by society I am including the police in that.  I am also including the job.  My boss said I became unstable after my daughter’s passing and in order to get me fired has accused me of threatening her.  She has manipulated words and misconstrued other people’s words in a report to make it appear there is a corroborating “witness” when there is none.  So in light of the work discrimination, the abusive soon to be ex and the resulting traumatized children coupled with thugs who totaled my car, the resulting expenses, the waiting games because it was on private property, my Mom and I being injured in the accident…all of this is culminating in dire stress.  And of course my siblings are only thinking of how I can lend them money.  As if there is any money left. 

     They never consider I had to come out of pocket in order to rescue my Mom.  There is car rental; there is moving expenses from one state to another; there is months of loss time at work some of which was unpaid to this day.  Yet they are asking where are my Mom’s savings, which was nil by the time I came into the picture.  I mean I could go into detail about the abuse on my Mom and how I was the only one who rescued her but for what?  Why turn it into a book?  I am simply saying that the way society operates, the innocents are the ones who are labeled criminals.

     All that being said, now you know why I am stressed.  Okay so I decide to listen to 13thsun, and I go on get-back-to-nature campaign.  This was my original stance to begin with, so why not?  So as I talk to the trees, leaves, wind, sun and all, I get the message to purchase parcha.  When I walk into the store, the purple parcha began to call me.  I did not want it because I am used to the yellow type.  I thought there was something wrong with it.  But I could not stop staring at it, although I thought it was dried and rotten.  Well as it turns out the purple parcha is superior to the yellow, in terms of quality of vitamins and potency in general. 

     Another name for parcha is passion fruit.  It has anti-oxydants, magnesium, potassium and is great for digestion.  On top of that it is a great stress reliever.  I felt the relaxation energy working as I would eat it.  It wasn’t until after the fact that I read on the Internet about all the qualities I was experiencing.  Thank you mother nature for answering my quest.

copyright 2012, Mercedes Hawkins

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