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Stress Relieving Fruit And Digestive Aid

I spoke about the importance of getting back to nature now that we are past 2012.   I followed my own advice and became in tune with trees and all that resides outside concrete, man-made structures.  Doing so resulted in a resolution to a current dilemma.

     I had been in a car accident as of May 25, 2012.  This accident caused me a great deal of stress.  For one thing, I had exhausted my leave when I utilized the standard Family Leave Act when I began taking care of my Mom.  At times it seems I am being penalized for being a responsible daughter.  Got accused of using too much leave in more ways than one.  In fact, it prevented me from becoming a SME (Subject Matter Expert).  But it is all political and who you know, considering others have become SME while under FMLA.  In my case, deprivation of my rights perhaps have to do with a nasty EEO case where I was falsely accused.  Reading over the booklets, I can see where data has been manipulated to make me appear criminal.  But I understand this is only being done to save their ars.  The person never said what they said she said in the manner that she said it.  So that is an example of data manipulation in order to justify their action or lack thereof.

     As if this wasn’t stressful enough I am in the midst of a manipulative divorce after having endured abuse that shall remain nameless at this time.  I hope one day he becomes mature enough to admit his faults and take accountability.  So imagine dealing with thugs hitting your car, stressing you, while you are in the midst of a nasty divorce and false accusations at work.  Okay, I know by now you are thinking, “use the law of attraction!”  But let me clarify something.  I didn’t ask to be physically abused in the playpen by my aunt and her daughter.  How does a 7 month old baby attract negativity?  You understand me?  So before you go judging me consider the circumstances of which I was born into.  That being said, it has been a snowball effect of bad luck and no, I did not as a baby initially cause this snowball effect.  That being said, I will now hug myself and forgive myself for attracting negativity all my life including an abusive partner in a marriage that left me traumatized.

     By the time I had my stroke the marriage had already ended emotionally.  Thus, I did not get the care I deserved.  I had to self-feed.  I cannot go into detail of how he destroyed my daughter.  That would take a book.  But I will say that it is a matter of record as far as admitting to police that he treated her harsh and it ended in her” suicide.”  There is a lot that I have to contend with.  For example, the resulting emotional stress of my other children after this.  Not to mention my own post traumatic stress that I have to deal with on my own.
     The divorce has not got nasty yet.  It’s too early.  But it could get nasty all things considered.  For example, the way he has worded the statements in the divorce, it makes it look like I am making more money than him.  How slick.  This could lead to me paying my abuser alimony if he really wanted to stretch it.  He could even say I abandoned him when I was simply fleeing for my life, while he was going through a tantrum or perhaps a bi-polar episode.  But the way society manipulates data they always find a way to make it look like the woman is unstable.  And by society I am including the police in that.  I am also including the job.  My boss said I became unstable after my daughter’s passing and in order to get me fired has accused me of threatening her.  She has manipulated words and misconstrued other people’s words in a report to make it appear there is a corroborating “witness” when there is none.  So in light of the work discrimination, the abusive soon to be ex and the resulting traumatized children coupled with thugs who totaled my car, the resulting expenses, the waiting games because it was on private property, my Mom and I being injured in the accident…all of this is culminating in dire stress.  And of course my siblings are only thinking of how I can lend them money.  As if there is any money left. 

     They never consider I had to come out of pocket in order to rescue my Mom.  There is car rental; there is moving expenses from one state to another; there is months of loss time at work some of which was unpaid to this day.  Yet they are asking where are my Mom’s savings, which was nil by the time I came into the picture.  I mean I could go into detail about the abuse on my Mom and how I was the only one who rescued her but for what?  Why turn it into a book?  I am simply saying that the way society operates, the innocents are the ones who are labeled criminals.

     All that being said, now you know why I am stressed.  Okay so I decide to listen to 13thsun, and I go on get-back-to-nature campaign.  This was my original stance to begin with, so why not?  So as I talk to the trees, leaves, wind, sun and all, I get the message to purchase parcha.  When I walk into the store, the purple parcha began to call me.  I did not want it because I am used to the yellow type.  I thought there was something wrong with it.  But I could not stop staring at it, although I thought it was dried and rotten.  Well as it turns out the purple parcha is superior to the yellow, in terms of quality of vitamins and potency in general. 

     Another name for parcha is passion fruit.  It has anti-oxydants, magnesium, potassium and is great for digestion.  On top of that it is a great stress reliever.  I felt the relaxation energy working as I would eat it.  It wasn’t until after the fact that I read on the Internet about all the qualities I was experiencing.  Thank you mother nature for answering my quest.

copyright 2012, Mercedes Hawkins


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Thinking Positive Is Worth It, When It Comes To Sales

Looks like the Law of Attraction really works.  Guess one has to believe it, to practice it.  For me, it sounded too simplistic.  I was thinking “right, if it is that simple, why isn’t everybody doing it?” 

     My conclusion is that everybody is not doing it because we have been programmed to think negative.  In other words, we have been programmed to worry about the future.  The “what if” syndrome kicks in, when we are faced with the unknown.  I can hear the echo now, “What if I don’t have enough money to pay rent?”  “What if enough people don’t sign up for this multilevel project or sales project?”  “What if my business venture is not productive immediately and I am left holding the bag?”

      Face it.  We have been taught that worrying is tantamount to planning.  The old adage is reverberating right now; “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”  How many of you heard that one?
      Well, today I bear witness, that the minute I started counting my blessings, instead of my misfortune, I received even more blessings.  It has to do with expectations.  If you do not expect people to help you, they will pick up on this vibe and they won’t.  They figure, “you don’t think you are worthy so why should I?”  So, essentially you write your own death warrant or failure warrant, every time you expect people to disappoint you.

      When people are browsing your products, they expect you to help them make up their minds.  Many vendors have a tendency to say, “okay, thank you.”   People pick up on the fact that you do not expect much from them, if anything at all.  You are really saying “bye, I don’t expect you to buy from me, today.”  They pick up the vibe/expectation and go to the next vendor.  Usually the other vendor expects sales, and they get it.  The vendor with little expectations get little, while they are left wondering why they never sell much.  Expectation is everything.  Customers pick up on your expectation of them, believe it or not.  When you have great expectations, in sales, you are saying, “I have a good product and confidence in it, so I know you will too.”  Expectation is everything and it works every time.  Ask any salesman.

      In short, you get what you expect in your personal life and particularly in sales.  So, the next time you sell or need help, do not shortchange yourself.  Expect the best from people, and you will never be disappointed.

copyright 2012, Mercedes Hawkins


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Lemon Law And Your Right – Don’t Get Taken

    Colorful Cars Stock Anyone can sell you a lemon.  Sometimes we trust people s  أwords about integrity.  But you don’t have to get stuck with one.

      Some salesmen take pride in selling quality cars.  Thus they justify the higher prize.  Comparisons are made about how quickly the cheap older models break down.  You both agree, there’s a handshake and before you know it you bought a lemon.  The car drove fine, until you drove it home.

      In many instances the car is in such bad shape that you almost get into a car accident.  Then there is the experience of a replacement car.  If the replacement car is also a lemon, then you know you have been had. 

    car  When this happened to me and I was told I’ve been had, I was determined to find a solution.  They thought my desperate situation was going to make me fall for the okey dokey.  No, I did research.  I learned the ins and outs of lemon law.  Guess what?  Lemon law applies to used cars as well new.  That is the good news.  A dealer may pressure a client into thinking they have to keep the car because a commitment was made.  The way I got around this was to let them know upfront that I knew the law.  I sent them an email because that is written communication.  I also left a voice mail.  Not only that, but I also went in person immediately to make my intensions known.  I got my refund.  And I also got my refund for the insurance.
Salesman in a car showroom
      There are inconveniences, such as waiting for the money to show back up in your account.  Also there are missed errands, not to mention safety issues such as car accidents due to malfunction.  Due to all these inconveniences, you may have a right to incidental expenses.  That is one reason to obtain a lawyer.  The video above give links to lawyers and the Better Business Bureau, who takes complaints online and works on your behalf regarding Lemon Law.  Check with your state as well.

copyright 2012, Mercedes Hawkins

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