Fighting Allergies The Right Way

There are those who fight allergies using pharmaceuticals, otherwise known as over the counter medicine.  I find this to be counterproductive.  Over the counter allergy medicines suppress the symptoms, otherwise called reactions.  One reaction to the allergens is watery eyes.  The allergens can be ragweed or pollen or something else in nature.  Another reaction is itchy eyes.  Some people respond by sneezing.

These reactions are the body’s way to fight foreign objects or things.  Imagine that.  Your body is allergic to nature.  Nature did not create nature to be allergic to itself.  Do animals sneeze as much as humans during pollination?  Are their eyes just as watery?  I think not.  My premise and fact finding factoid is that if we would stop eating meat, milk and cheese, you wouldn’t have allergies.

All the people interviewed that were vegan reported not having allergic reaction to nature.  Many in fact reported having allergies when they partook in meat, milk and cheese consumption.  But let us pretend for a moment that I am speaking to a non-vegan audience who wants relief.

One relief is bee pollen.  But you must take two pellets to start and increase it slowly.  There are dry pellets that need no refrigeration.  But for the same price you can get fresh ones.  You can tell the fresh ones because they have to be refrigerated.

Bee pollen has all the vitamins the body needs.  In addition to that it has bioflavonoids, amino acids and enzymes.  Many people report that any kind of vitamins help fight the allergic reactions so common during pollination.  The best vitamin is bee pollen because it is natural.  Furthermore it unlike other vitamins is complete, contains enzymes and amino acids.

Many people have had good results with bee pollen.  Start with two pellets and increase it gradually.  Everybody’s body reaction is different.  If this does not work for you, try other natural vitamins.

copyright Sept 25, 2014, Mercedes Beato-Hawkins


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