My Fearless Mom And The Mystery Of Her Existence

I was telling my friend of how while in a nursing home my Mom would beat up 3 men at a time for touching her inappropriately. She was 85 at the time and they were scared to death of her.

I had to get her out of there quick.

My friend was laughing silly and saying I took up after her because I was the only one who stood up to a common bully we all knew.  And everyone was scared of her except me. But I feel anyone in their right mind would not put up with the stuff she put us through.

It is sad to watch people exercise power over others, as if that would make their life better.

Many of us were born one way, and society made us another way.  For example, we are born fearless.  But society teaches us to be fearful.  Parents and teachers enforce this false doctrine of fear.  The Bible is a strange book, because it teaches you to fear the devil, while at the same time it says, you were not created in a spirit of fear.  I think that a lot of misinterpretation takes place.

The school system teaches everyone to fall in place or else face punishment.  The first teachers were nuns. They would hit people with rulers.  It is a very wise system devised to put people in boxes and to teach one to follow norms.  One is never encouraged to think outside the box.

Today there are many institutions that enforce these norms.  Thus, people are too afraid to think outside the box.

It is sad to watch potential die.  At 86 years of age, my Mom wanted to go to school.  We hear this and we laugh.  But the brain never really stops working.  Her brain was pretty intact even at that age.  We have a stereotype of people that says, they cannot learn after a certain age.

We never knew much about her folks except they stayed in the countryside.  Her Mom was quiet and her Dad a musician.


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