Relationships: Never Put All Your Cookies In One Jar

Man shutting his ears and not listening to nagging



The sound of a  door slamming is heard!  Why?  Someone just broke up with someone.  Speaking of emotions, slamming a door and breaking valuables is not rational.  You will need those later.  But who says people think rationally, when it comes to relationships?  Guard your health.  Do not put all your cookies in one jar.

Why He Lies 

     This is not a promotion to go whoring around as a non-committal type of person.  No.  This is a warning for you to finish school regardless of who broke up with you.  Do not cut yourself.  Some people even tattoo themselves for a person.  Belief systems change just to please a person.  Hairstyles change.  Clothing styles change.  And for what?…only to be dumped.  What I am saying is before you put all your emotions into one person, make sure you know who you are getting with.  Some people are so desperate to please or stop being lonely, that they jump in, too soon.  Do not give your all to a person, because a smile does not mean they feel the same way about you.  

Divorce,problems - Young couple angry at each other


Just because a person cares about you, does not mean they love you.  Guard your person.  There are scums out there.  Some scumbags double cross, cheat, pretend, act two-faced and so on.  In other words, they do just enough to get your nookie.  Buying a nice gift does not equate to love.  Treating you out to dinner back to back, does not equate to love.  It could be that the person wants some nookie.  Admittedly, you are fine.  Who wouldn’t be attracted to you?  Think!  If they cared that much, they would have fixed your car, or called triple A when you were stranded.  No, but instead, they let your Mom pay the tow truck.  They eat at your house daily and never help with chores.  Really?  If they eat at your place, they could at least wash the dishes.  Why can’t you see these clues?

Right Questions To Ask Boy/Girlfriend 

     If a person is el cheapo and claims to be suffering financial hardship, it could be a red flag.  Could it be that they do not value you?  Could it be that they simply are not vested in you?  No, they would rather invest in their other love.  They may not be whoring, necessarily.  But could it be that they’re just not that into you?  If a person does not come through at a time of need, could it be that they just don’t want to?  An excuse does not sound like an excuse when you’re in-love.   It all sounds logical, and falls in place when you’re in love.  Get a clue.  Don’t ask for opinions just to reject them.  When you’re in love you are crazy and that is why people do not give advice.

     Do not kill yourself over a relationship.  Dot not stop school or ruin your job over a relationship.  Life goes on.  You will meet someone else.  It is hard to believe, but it is true.  Do not go on a drinking binge.  Do not put all your cookies in one jar until you find the right jar.

copyright 2014, Mercedes Beato-Hawkins



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