This Is Your Last Time To Enjoy Summer

Friends walking on the beach at sunsetIf you live in a place where Winter lasts forever and summers are short, this post is for you.  I live in a place where Spring can sometimes fee like Winter.  Thus it makes Winter seem to last for days on end.  The Fall isn’t so hot either.

     With that being said, and you are with me so far, you may want to consider taking advantage of these last Summer days.  Here we are, in Mid-August already.  Children and young adults go back to school soon.  It seems that each year, they go back earlier.  I digress.

     My point is that you should be outdoors doing something you love.  Walking by the beach isn’t such a bad idea.  Even if you have to drive, it is still worth it.  It is better to feel as though you took full advantage of summer, than let it pass by.  Soon, you may find yourself stuck in the house because it is too cold to go outside.

Kids playing basketball with a ball up in skyGo by a Lake.  Pretend to fish.  Throw rocks at the Lake.  Watch the ducks.  Enjoy nature.  Speaking of nature, go for a hike.  There are plenty of parks in every city.  Go to a park that you have never been to before.  It may sound silly, but in reality, being next to nature has a healing effect on the soul.  Going to a mall to get out of the house is okay.  But you can do that in the Winter time.

     Go to an outdoor festival.  The more outdoorsy the activity, the better.  Spray bug spray if you must.  I prefer that you use Neem, for it is natural.  Citronella is natural as well.  In fact, while you are at it, go to a fake beach.  Most major cities have man-made beaches.  Some have water parks.  Enjoy the cool feel of water splashing on your face.

Watch children play basketball.  People watch, while outdoors.Students CyclingLast but not least, ride your bicycle.  Borrow one or rent one if you do not have one.  You don’t have to go far, or strain yourself.  The idea is to enjoy the weather.  Did you know that a lot of diseases are caught in the home?  Yes, germs in kitchens and bathrooms are very much there.  Even worst are the chemicals that you use to clean with.  If the air condition is on, chances are, the chemicals are trapped in your house.  Your attitude should be one of opening as many windows as possible, to let those germs and chemicals out.  Air condition and heat come with a price.  Welcome the opportunity to breath fresh air.

     I would hate to see you regretting staying in, as you flashback this winter.  Fresh air can do wonders for your health.  You can take in deep breaths so badly needed, without compromising your health (or smelling pipes, not to mention chemicals).  You will feel as though you did not take nature for granted.  Nature will reward you with optimal health.  Put that remote down.  And the laptop too.  The game as well, such as X-Box, Wii and all other digital games.  Leave that for lonely snowed in Winter.  Can’t let the game go?  You can always go to a cafe and sit outdoors.  Get fresh air!  Thank you for listening. 🙂

c Mercedes Beato-Hawkins 2014


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