The Sun Is Good For Us As Food And A Healer

 We need to expose ourselves to the sun more than ever.  There is some ignorance going on about sun exposure. The reality is that the sun nourishes us and heals us.
Megastar – THE SUN – nourishes our bodies and like trees we grow. Gases of sun created all forms of life. The protons released from the sun are captured by the skin, affecting every cell. An inadequate amount of solar energy results in the growth of microbes, the hijacking of mutagens. Microscopic life depends on the rays of the sun.
     We consume the sun as food…just as plants capture it as chlorophyll. Some eat sun indirectly as plant food.
You can also breathe the sun and be filled with its holy spirit of vitamins.  As you breathe, you inhale the energy of the sun.




A particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. A photon carries energy proportional to the radiation…

     The light is the original life.  Light comes from the sun in the form of photons.  This is  a living organism.  You, in turn emit this bio-photonic energy and some call it an aura.  Others call it a shell.  These lights induce biological processes crucial to ideal bodily functions.  The process of mitochondria when studied, reveal light emitting factors.  It is for this reason that we have access to the all or what some call the Akhashic Record.  So thank the sun the next time the future or past is revealed to you.  We receive same information at night by way of the Moon.  But the Sun behind the Moon is the actual source.  But we still thank the Moon for reflecting such a Great Light.

 Psychological changes occur when you move away from the sun.  These changes are detrimental to your health.   It has been discovered that suicide and depression increase in areas where the sun does not shine year round.  Vitamin D is needed by the body in order to inhibit disease.  The opposite can result in lupus, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, thyroid problems and auto-immune encephalomyelitis.  hypertension and tuberculosis are reduced by it.  We all feel better on a sunny day.  Vitamin D is now considered a hormone.
You can name just about any disease and discover that it is improved by exposure to the sun.  Diabetes, gout, and ulcers are but a few examples.  Even patients with Alzheimer’s are being coached into stepping out into the sun.  Plaques form around the brain when there is no sun.  Therefore, there is a connection between brain atrophy and sunlight.

     There is an argument about skin cancer being associated with exposure to the sun.  Thus, you must understand balance.  Exposure to UVA (short radio waves) and UVB (Ultraviolet rays) radiation has a immuno-suppressive effect, helping to eradicate auto-immune disease.   The sun releases melanocytes and keratinocytes improving any DNA damage.  The sun helps psoriasis due to its releasing calcitonin, which is a gene related peptide.  All of the above chemical reactions are a result of the body releasing peptide activity in order to fight UV rays.  Thus, exposure to radiation from the sun is good for the body.
     Overall, we need to use common sense in balancing our bodies by exposing it to the sun.  It is to our advantage to expose ourselves to the sun more than ever for two reasons.  The sun nourishes us and the sun heals us.

published & C 2013, Mercedes Beato-Hawkins


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