The Biology Of Crystals

If you attempt to heal self with stones, such as gemstones and crystals, you then align yourself with Mother Earth. This you are creating a spiritual connection.

Crystals are created by a biological process.  To this end, crystals are living beings.  The information they have to give us is startling, yet healing.  Some crystals are created by magma or by the ice cold places.  Snow is a crystal created in cold climate.  If it is molded by lava, then it is called granite.  If the process includes a metamorphic process, then you have marble.

Crystals contain silica, alumina, and many other elements found in your body.  Although rocks do not have the same aspect as vitamins, they do activate your energy centers.  So if your third eye is closed or any other energy center in your body, you can get stuck in more ways than one.  Your soul can stagnate.  Let The Mineral Kingdom assist you.

We have 64 ways to connect to the higher source.  We have potentials that have not even been tapped into. Stones/gemstones/crystals serve to activate your DNA.  This is why the Egyptians, Africans and Native Americans would wear jewels.  It wasn’t just for adornment.



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