Walking A Mile In Someone’s Shoes

If you walk a mile in someone’s shoes would you act like them?
How about if you had their circumstances too…in particular, environment/conditions under which they grew up…then would you act like them?


      No?…what if you were born under their sign? then would you respond to situations the way they do?
Don’t be so quick to judge people until you know what makes them tick.
      This is not to excuse evil, because everyone does not take the evil path.  Just try to understand people.   But if they continue in their evil, get out of their way.  If that’s the case you’re going from negotiation/trying to get an understanding to despotism.  My way or the highway is abusive behavior.  If it’s at that level forget trying to understand someone,.  Understand that no matter how charismatic a person is, one should not associate with them in any way whatsoever.  It becomes dangerous just to be around them.  Once a person has been abused, the resulting bipolar behavior is like a walking time bomb waiting to explode.  What do you do with these bruised souls?

“A friendship is between two peers,” says Florence Isaacs, author of Toxic Friends/True Friends. “There has to be balance in a friendship for it to be healthy — not one person whose needs get met and another whose needs are overlooked.”


     No one knows what causes one soul to react differently, while under similar circumstances.  I believe the birth sign plays a role, because the position of the planets at birth does affect  personalities.  I also suspect that previous lifetimes also play a role, and add to the level of trauma to a person’s psyche.  In that case, curiosity kills the cat, because thought process got them there in the first place.  

     But you can see how it can snowball into lifetimes of tragedy.  The people in Europe who captured slaves knew what they were doing in terms of breaking their psyche.  Abuse transcends ethnicity.  But I think of the abuse Blacks were put through, and it is easy to understand why they are so screwed up today.  Husbands were forced to watch their wives get raped and vice versa, mother’s fetuses were sliced and fed to dogs….and so much more that you can’t stand to hear.  So if you cannot stand to hear it, then you can imagine just how broken Black people’s psyche must be.

     Most of them are in denial of what happened to them, just as all abused people are in denial of what happened to them.  It is really sad.  So now you have all these bipolar people walking around in every race, color and creed.


The following checklist is helpful.


Again, if you walked a mile in someone’s shoes would you act like them?  How about if you were in their environment?  How about if you were in their birth sign?  How about if you lived all their lifetimes?

Copyright, Mercedes Beato.


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