Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

  Why do evil things happen to good people?  It is not always the fault of the victim.  Some say “Oh, they attracted it, through the law of attraction.”  But that is not always the case.  Here is an exception to the rule.  A person can be born into an evil situation.  A child’s parent’s roommate could beat the child silly, so how did the child cause this…or the parents?

     That being said, let us now take on a new perspective as to why evil things happen to good people.  Young people may be abducted and whoever is watching may think the child knows the kidnapper so they move on, with a business as usual attitude.  The public may not be aware of what was said to the young person or victim period.  A threat could have been made, such as “if you scream I will kill you.”  This can happen to a teenager or young adult who may be caught by surprise without pepper spray. 

     On the other hand, there are cases where the victim looks frantic but those passing by, decide to mind their own business.  There have been cases to the other extreme, where people are fully aware that a crime is taking place, but they simply choose not to be  a part of it.  What are the reasons for this?  Perhaps an observer fears getting caught up in the crime.  Maybe they fear becoming a suspect.  Or maybe it is just too inconvenient to be a witness.

     In a case such as a work situation, there are people who fear losing their jobs if they testify.  They may fear that harassment may follow.  Again, others may feel that a testimony is inconvenient.  They are more concerned with their own issues, headaches, problems, whatever.  This is a very selfish stance.  People are not stepping outside of themselves enough to care what happens to a life after a crime.

     What happens to a child after they are beaten to the point where their skin changes color?  What happens to a teen after an attempted rape?  Penetration does not always have to occur for the victim to feel traumatized.  The very idea of being wrongfully handled/fondled can turn the mind into a wrongful spin.  A person can feel worthless or that they are looked upon as worthless because of what happened.  They might feel like “I must be ugly because look what happened.”  Even males who have been handled in a sexual nature grow up with self esteem issues.

     The sad part about all this is that people no longer feel safe walking from point A to point B.  All neighborhoods appear to be targets for crime.  Rich, poor, middle class and all levels in between are not immune to crime activity.  Some people say a prayer before they go out, but that is besides the point.  The point is crime does occur, and once it does, what do you do about unwilling witnesses? 

     The reason why bad things happen to good people, is because we do nothing.  We are too afraid of bullies.  We are too afraid of what bullies might do.  We fear consequences.  This is true of workplace violence especially.  Being verbally assaulted or harassed at work can create the illusion that the receiver is at fault.  Surely the employee must have done something for the boss to be that upset.  They deserve this treatment right?  Few people are ethical enough to step forward and say enough is enough.  Few people are courageous enough to lay their job on the line  in order to bring justice.  By the same token, few people are courageous enough to lay their life on the line in order to save a life.  So overall, crime continues to be the order of the day because people are cowards.  Criminals are good at creating an atmosphere of fear.  This bully mentality, whether in the corporate world, the political arena or the playground counts on the fear syndrome.  Ladies and gentlemen, many children and innocent victims, will suffer today because you feel powerless.

     But the more you study powerlessness the more you realize it is an illusion.  You feel powerlessness because you are using the wrong model,  the what if.  What if this person is too vindictive.  In many cases they are, so you are justified in thinking so.  But don’t take on a defeatist attitude.  You may be surprised to find out that there really is strength in numbers.  If enough people come forward, any bully can be brought down.

copyright 2012, Mercedes Hawkins


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