Thinking Positive Is Worth It, When It Comes To Sales

Looks like the Law of Attraction really works.  Guess one has to believe it, to practice it.  For me, it sounded too simplistic.  I was thinking “right, if it is that simple, why isn’t everybody doing it?” 

     My conclusion is that everybody is not doing it because we have been programmed to think negative.  In other words, we have been programmed to worry about the future.  The “what if” syndrome kicks in, when we are faced with the unknown.  I can hear the echo now, “What if I don’t have enough money to pay rent?”  “What if enough people don’t sign up for this multilevel project or sales project?”  “What if my business venture is not productive immediately and I am left holding the bag?”

      Face it.  We have been taught that worrying is tantamount to planning.  The old adage is reverberating right now; “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”  How many of you heard that one?
      Well, today I bear witness, that the minute I started counting my blessings, instead of my misfortune, I received even more blessings.  It has to do with expectations.  If you do not expect people to help you, they will pick up on this vibe and they won’t.  They figure, “you don’t think you are worthy so why should I?”  So, essentially you write your own death warrant or failure warrant, every time you expect people to disappoint you.

      When people are browsing your products, they expect you to help them make up their minds.  Many vendors have a tendency to say, “okay, thank you.”   People pick up on the fact that you do not expect much from them, if anything at all.  You are really saying “bye, I don’t expect you to buy from me, today.”  They pick up the vibe/expectation and go to the next vendor.  Usually the other vendor expects sales, and they get it.  The vendor with little expectations get little, while they are left wondering why they never sell much.  Expectation is everything.  Customers pick up on your expectation of them, believe it or not.  When you have great expectations, in sales, you are saying, “I have a good product and confidence in it, so I know you will too.”  Expectation is everything and it works every time.  Ask any salesman.

      In short, you get what you expect in your personal life and particularly in sales.  So, the next time you sell or need help, do not shortchange yourself.  Expect the best from people, and you will never be disappointed.

copyright 2012, Mercedes Hawkins



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3 responses to “Thinking Positive Is Worth It, When It Comes To Sales

  1. Thanks for the excellent words! Sales is indeed a mental game. If you can master this mental aspect you will certainly be successful. Thinking positive is worth it, not only in sales but in all areas of life 🙂

    • Indeed, not just sales, but all areas of life – agree. Sales-people have to be especially careful with this because their livelihood depends on their vibe (which is seen by all, like it or not)

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