What Is 11:11 About?

Are we awoke or asleep? Ahhh…11:11 means wake up. If your 11th Chakra is not opened, then we are asleep. By now we should have purified our bodies, souls and spirits in order to do The Great Work.  Just in case you are not paying attention let me say this again…you should be tapping into the Akhashic records…the Lioness’s paw, so to speak. 11 11 initiation is waking up female energy…it is subtle…it is nurturing. 

Think of it as The Shekinah aka wormhole…aka vortex…aka opening and I don’t mean feminine in the mortal sense. I’m talking teleportation, travelling beyond space and time..we should be performing these tricks by now. And I don’t mean in the sense of tricks to impress….I mean a preparation for what is to come, being able to exist outside your bodies. Our ancestors were prepared for ascension…did not fear death and because of the preparation could do more than we have ever done! Mind communication was instant. 

Their eleventh Chakras were opened! We are supposed to be prepared by now. INITIATIONS, what the number 11 represents were done to prepare you for what is to come with the opening of the 12th Chakra. Each Chakra is opened in chronological order in self as in the cosmos…as above so below. In the 8th Chakra your heart should have awakened. You should have broke through the membrane of what separates us by now. So the lovers unite as ONE soul. Your emotional body is awakened at this stage. But  the 11th Chakra opening you are supposed heal from past wounds and understand all past traumas. When you purify yourself wholly only then can you ascend to the next level. This holy + whole-ly body purification includes the purification of the mind.

     There are several initiations that take you there, yoga, mantras, meditations, breathings and eating certain foods, drinking certain drinks at certain times. It is done in stages and as ceremonies, by yourself and as a community. By now you should have achieved Sacred Union…ecstasy…humbleness…awe. At the 11th Chakra opening you tap into the spiritual library. You should be able to exist in 2 places at once, engage in astral travel, doing ascension work while still in the physical body. You should be manifesting your heart’s desires. 11 means awakening to your multidimensional self, the BA the Ka soul spirit physical the nature of your auric egg. Your soul should be merging with your Soul. Use a rose quartz on your heart to help you open the eleventh Chakra. This is the self love crystal. Love Thyself. Study the Beatitude. This is prerequisite before walking on water [the 12th Chakra]. In ancient times gods and goddesses were given a glimpse of what was to come as ascended masters. 
     Sorry to repeat myself but too many people are seeing the 11:11 and we have to do something, it is not there just to wonder about…you must act because of what will happen in 2012, sure you can flow along but it is better to be a participant, lest the magma catch you unawares. You must meditate on earth, air, fire and water; and understand the significance of these 4 elements. It will help you with clairvoyance, intuition and telepathy. Soon you will be in a supreme divine alchemy. Especially if you realize that you are always at the right place- right time. RIGHT TIME. 11:11 is the time. Once you realize this you are on your way to self re’alization.”  
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Mercedes Beato-Hawkins previously published this in 2011 Blogspot Linking2yourhealth

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