Lemon Law And Your Right – Don’t Get Taken

    Colorful Cars Stock Anyone can sell you a lemon.  Sometimes we trust people s  أwords about integrity.  But you don’t have to get stuck with one.

      Some salesmen take pride in selling quality cars.  Thus they justify the higher prize.  Comparisons are made about how quickly the cheap older models break down.  You both agree, there’s a handshake and before you know it you bought a lemon.  The car drove fine, until you drove it home.

      In many instances the car is in such bad shape that you almost get into a car accident.  Then there is the experience of a replacement car.  If the replacement car is also a lemon, then you know you have been had. 

    car  When this happened to me and I was told I’ve been had, I was determined to find a solution.  They thought my desperate situation was going to make me fall for the okey dokey.  No, I did research.  I learned the ins and outs of lemon law.  Guess what?  Lemon law applies to used cars as well new.  That is the good news.  A dealer may pressure a client into thinking they have to keep the car because a commitment was made.  The way I got around this was to let them know upfront that I knew the law.  I sent them an email because that is written communication.  I also left a voice mail.  Not only that, but I also went in person immediately to make my intensions known.  I got my refund.  And I also got my refund for the insurance.
Salesman in a car showroom
      There are inconveniences, such as waiting for the money to show back up in your account.  Also there are missed errands, not to mention safety issues such as car accidents due to malfunction.  Due to all these inconveniences, you may have a right to incidental expenses.  That is one reason to obtain a lawyer.  The video above give links to lawyers and the Better Business Bureau, who takes complaints online and works on your behalf regarding Lemon Law.  Check with your state as well.

copyright 2012, Mercedes Hawkins


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