The Fixer Personality

It is not healthy to feel as though you have to fix everything. If you are the do it all in your family, watch out. You could be in for a health crash. The train can only carry so many loads. Whose baggage are you carrying?

The Fixer personality feels as though they have to fix everything. If something goes wrong they say here I’ll fix it. These are the first to volunteer. Volunteer organizations are great. It is just that some people joint too many, and then it gets to be too much. One characteristic of a fixer is someone who knows how to solve everyone’s problem. This leaves little room for one to handle one’s own problems. It is not that The Fixer cannot say no. It is that The Fixer expects everyone to be like them, so they have to “fix” people.

You may find a Fixer trying to match people up as couples. This makes bachelor and bachelorette types very annoyed. In their minds, they are thinking, “who says I don’t enjoy being single? ” An even better question is, “who says I have to be a couple to be whole?” Do you believe that everyone was meant to married? Some people believe single people can accomplish a mission much better as a single person. This is due to not having the distractions of married life.

The Fixer personality needs to realize that other people are capable of solving their own problems. They also need to realize that even if people are not capable of solving their own problems, that is not their problem. The Fixer personality thinks that everyone should be just like them. Thus they set out to make everybody like them. This is not good because they end up judging you.

If you have the Fixer personality. Look at yourself. What makes you think everybody should be like you? Wouldn’t the world be boring if everyone was exactly alike? Think, variety. It is what makes the world go round.


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