GERANIUM ESSSENTIAL OIL-acne,lice,scars,cellulite,mosquito,edema,shingle…

There is a lot of information about Geranium essential oil. It has a good smell, so people automatically use it as a perfume. But ironically, it is also mosquito repellent. Mosquitos do not like it for the same reason they do not like citronella. Not surprising, Geranium essential oil has citronela. Others find good results in adding it to a body of water with the ability to spray. This way they can use it as an air freshner.

can be used on the hair in order to combat dreaded lice. There are people who get this pest on their hair directly from their pet. I never knew anyone with that aggravation except when I taught school in the mountains of Georgia. They asked me as a teacher to remove the lice from the children’s hair. I thought they were crazy to even ask me that.

Next, Geranium is very beneficial to the skin. It eradicates eczema. When a drop is placed in bathwater, geranium cause the skin to become very smooth. Shingles is a skin disease that is very painful. Again, here comes Geranium to the rescue.

There are many other uses but if you look at the video, you will s
see what I mean.


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