Remedy For High Blood Pressure

Taking natural remedies for high blood pressure is cheaper and more effective. What drives people to alternatives is all the different side effects associated with pharmaceuticals. There are many alternatives without the side effects of conventional pills.
Some of the side effects include headaches, dizziness, constipation, coughing, asthma, increase in urination, fluid retention, joint pain, vomiting, impaired thinking, lethargy, stroke symptoms, body shut down, nausea, impotence, liver damage, depression, insomnia and many other symptoms. These are some of the symptoms that many people experience depending of the type of medication prescribed.

I began to discuss the side effects with my doctor. The doctor in turn, began to give me other medications to treat the side effects. Of course a red flag went of, but I did comply in the beginning. Soon it began to affect my pocketbook significantly. I began thinking that while this makes lots of money for the medical industry and pharmaceutical industry, there has to be a better way. Many patients have reported similar experiences and unfortunately, many individuals have been bankrupted as a result. While working in a call center for collections, I would hear all the stories of people losing their homes and other valuables due to medical bills and the cost of prescriptions. This was across the board and did not involve class or race. So middle class or poor, no one was immune.
The saddest part is that the symptoms are treated, but not the underlying cause. As a result of this, people become dependent on medicines for life. Senior citizens are especially susceptible to this merry-go-round. Lack of money should not lead one to let the problem go untreated. Untreated high blood pressure can lead to stroke and kidney failure, among other things.

One treatment is olive leaf, which is natural. There are other options which I discuss in my book, “How I Avoided Dialysis: And You Can Too!” While the book targets kidney disease, it has a wealth of information for anyone suffering with high blood pressure. The beauty of natural cures is that there are no side effects and are cheaper than conventional medicines.

copyright Mercedes Hawkins 2012
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