Why Can’t Some Remeber Past Kindergarten

I remember my first day in school, the names of my grade school classmates and teachers, the names of my neighbors when I was 2, 3 ,4 5 etc. I remember their personalities, things they said, songs they sang, what song was playing on the radio, what they were wearing., their houses -its location relative to ours, all our neighborhoods, gardeners, who got struck by lighting, who died, who got sick, chased by dogs, what the contents of the houses looked like including the color of curtains, the skirt around dressers in neighbor’s house, comments made as to why they decorated the way they did.

I also remember amazing teachers with my memory abilities and ability to read small lettered adult books for older people while others were reading big-lettered books. When I moved to the United States in 3rd grade, I remember yawning at the ridiculous idiot levels were we being taught. It was a big step backwards. I sincerely understand the concept of mis-education and floating backwards. Let me not forget how I had to do everyone’s homework and even draw pictures for them to present as their own. later I had to write people’s poems for them. I felt so used, but being that I was so different it was the only way to fit in. People no longer wanted to fight. They wanted to use my brain and befriended me on that basis. I began to feel like a nerd eventually and I was in an environment where nerdy behavior was not encouraged. Not that I was ever a nerd, but i was very intelligent and multi-talented.

At some point I thought I was the only one who remembered this much based on conversations with people in general. My Mom remembers many of these same events too, and my oldest brother. We have had conversations about events and games we played. One sister remembers many things while another remembers nothing. There was one sister whose classmates I recall, whereas she does not seem to recall very many. I find this to be amazing. Was it because I ate more fruits than she did, early on? (including avocados, mangoes and coconut). Does the food we choose depict who we are early on? Does having an aversion for eating dead things mean you are more in tune? Why are some children forced to eat protein? Is this a myth? Are we falling prey to societal perception as to what the body needs to sustain itself. I recall being nourished by the sun, yet others didn’t even notice the relation between energy from the sun and exposure to it. Why do some people seem to be out of tune? Why are some people accident prone while others seem more balanced. Why can some dance better than others while others sing better? How are we wired differently and why?

I remember being a baby, being in a crib, getting hit by my aunt on a regular basis, and crying to get my diaper change. 50 years later i confront my aunt as to why she ruined my life and she thought she was being funny by teasing me and hitting me. Actually my life was devastated. Her daughter continued the tradition of hitting while I was 2, 3, four and five. She would hit me with coconuts and it would make me bleed. It was very traumatizing because if I fought back I would get a whipping. Fighting back was natural to me but each time I would get beatings even if neighbors picked the fight. This created a conflict in my soul and it seemed to have shattered me in some way.
My memory is ancient. I remember many lifetimes. I recall being born, being in the celestial plane. I remember previous lives. I remember a man who guarded a cave and wouldn’t let anyone in though he was very friendly – that was in this lifetime overseas. I was four. So the amazing thing is people who do not remember. Is it diet? genes? or the nature of different souls. I remember some of my siblings classmates better than they do. What causes some people to lose their memory? I remember being in Rome, England, Atlantis, Mu, Egypt in previous lifetimes. At night I travel to the celestial plane and receive instructions, allegories and communicate with GOOD spirits. There is no fear, just peace. Today I learned a valuable lesson as to why some spirits visit the celestial plane during sleep while others visit hell. I also learned why some souls are tried during this lifetime.

copyright 2012, Mercedes Hawkins


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