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The Fixer Personality

It is not healthy to feel as though you have to fix everything. If you are the do it all in your family, watch out. You could be in for a health crash. The train can only carry so many loads. Whose baggage are you carrying?

The Fixer personality feels as though they have to fix everything. If something goes wrong they say here I’ll fix it. These are the first to volunteer. Volunteer organizations are great. It is just that some people joint too many, and then it gets to be too much. One characteristic of a fixer is someone who knows how to solve everyone’s problem. This leaves little room for one to handle one’s own problems. It is not that The Fixer cannot say no. It is that The Fixer expects everyone to be like them, so they have to “fix” people.

You may find a Fixer trying to match people up as couples. This makes bachelor and bachelorette types very annoyed. In their minds, they are thinking, “who says I don’t enjoy being single? ” An even better question is, “who says I have to be a couple to be whole?” Do you believe that everyone was meant to married? Some people believe single people can accomplish a mission much better as a single person. This is due to not having the distractions of married life.

The Fixer personality needs to realize that other people are capable of solving their own problems. They also need to realize that even if people are not capable of solving their own problems, that is not their problem. The Fixer personality thinks that everyone should be just like them. Thus they set out to make everybody like them. This is not good because they end up judging you.

If you have the Fixer personality. Look at yourself. What makes you think everybody should be like you? Wouldn’t the world be boring if everyone was exactly alike? Think, variety. It is what makes the world go round.


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Charging Your Stones/Crystals

This is about charging your stone. You can wash your stone with water. Next you want to place it where the sunlight hits it directly. And viola! Your stone is charged! What happens prior to that is that your stone may not be effective due to carrying negative energy. For instance, when you first buy your stone, it has already been handled by a lot of clients. Their energy goes into it. Believe me, I have seen stones turn specks of dark color when handled by a person who has a great deal of emotional troubles.

There are people who charge their stones with moonlight. Since moonlight reflects the sun it is somewhat of an indirect charging. Nevertheless it works. Moonlight is not as intense so it will not discolor sensitive crystals. Both sunlight and moonlight are very energizing to crystals. The idea of charging your crystal/stone is to bring it to full charge so that it can work more effectively.

Other methods of charging stones/crystals is to place it by plant leaves or to bury it. You may also use sacred water to clear your stone of negative energy. Do a prayer intention if you don’t have sacred water.

A crystal/stone should be charged for 24 hours to be fully effective. This way, it will do the job that it was designed to do. Sensitive people can pick up signals from stones. The more silent you become, the clearer the message.

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Lack of Sleep: Effect On Health

Some people do all the important things in life, in order to maintain health. But totally neglect one important aspect; sleep. They eat raw foods( no meat), drink the right water in the right amount, meditate, and even engage in aromatherapy. Sleep deprivation may be self-induced or otherwise. Either way, it can lead to serious illness and even death.

People stay awoke for many different reasons. Perhaps they have too many interests or job-related obligations such as being on-call or asked to do over-time. Others work at night. Whatever the case, this can interfere with the Circadian Rhythm. The following website explains the Circadian Rhythm.
If you are too busy to rest consider the following symptoms that develop from lack of sleep:

lack of concentration
high blood pressure
heart attack

Red eyes, veins in eyes, circle under eyes pale in comparison to the fact that one is writing one’s own death certificate. Kidney problems have also been linked to lack of sleep. Inmates have been deprived of sleep for questionable purposes. In many studies, scientists have found that sleep deprivation result in death for both animals and humans.
The first 24 hours are characterized by hormonal changes. Cortisol levels increase along with TSH and this causes a rise in blood pressure. On day two, metabolism is affected where glucose is not properly processed, thus creating carbohydrate cravings. You can see where obesity comes into the picture here in more ways than one; metabolism and glucose processing defect. As days go by, the body temperature drops and the immune response becomes suppressed. More results show permanent brain damage, loss of coordination, muscle twitching, altered states of consciousness, pain, sweating, vasoconstriction in fingers as serum antibodies are directed against potassium channels and nerve membrane. The worst case scenario is multiple organ failure. Oh and did I forget to mention degeneration of the thalamus? over-activity of sympathetic nervous system and endocrine system disrupts the overall function of the body, resulting in fevers, tremors and seizures, to name a few.
Those who try to function on 3or 4 hours of sleep are three times more likely to have a heart attack. Poor alignment of circadian rhythm will lead to inflammation. So it’s not just what you eat that causes inflammation. That’s why I recommend sleep in my book( -see the link below). Sleep deprivation will affect blood levels of C- reactive protein, which is a marker for inflammation. This results in damages in the lining of the blood vessels. The fancy term is atherosclerosis. That’s just a fancy way of saying hardening or narrowing of vessels, which leads to a heart attack. So you see, people, it’s not just bad “food” that causes harm.
Car and plane crashing could be attributed to more than just drowsiness. You can be awoke but have poor motor function and thus lose your coordination as a result of sleep deprivation. Sleep is necessary for body to function properly. From this you should learn that the human body was not meant to be abused by depriving it of sleep.

References include, Science Daily, Bryan Palmer at, Scientific American Mar 25, 2002 J Christian Gillin
c by Mercedes Hawkins

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GERANIUM ESSSENTIAL OIL-acne,lice,scars,cellulite,mosquito,edema,shingle…

There is a lot of information about Geranium essential oil. It has a good smell, so people automatically use it as a perfume. But ironically, it is also mosquito repellent. Mosquitos do not like it for the same reason they do not like citronella. Not surprising, Geranium essential oil has citronela. Others find good results in adding it to a body of water with the ability to spray. This way they can use it as an air freshner.

can be used on the hair in order to combat dreaded lice. There are people who get this pest on their hair directly from their pet. I never knew anyone with that aggravation except when I taught school in the mountains of Georgia. They asked me as a teacher to remove the lice from the children’s hair. I thought they were crazy to even ask me that.

Next, Geranium is very beneficial to the skin. It eradicates eczema. When a drop is placed in bathwater, geranium cause the skin to become very smooth. Shingles is a skin disease that is very painful. Again, here comes Geranium to the rescue.

There are many other uses but if you look at the video, you will s
see what I mean.

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Setting Goals Makes You Hurry Up And Achieve Them

Very little is known about 43 Things Social Networking Site.  Yet, it is the only social networking site that helps you achieve your goals.  Already I was on fire about goal setting.  My contention is you get there quicker when you make a list.  This is because a list serves as a reminder.  Not only that, but you can get a kick out of crossing out the items you have accomplished.
Facebook was a let down in that members spend a lot of time criticizing others indirectly instead of building each other up.  This is not true of everyone on Facebook.  But you do run into know-it-alls who know exactly what everybody’s problem is.  So as you can imagine, I was already actively seeking a social network that consists of people who build each other up.  43 Things is all about cheering each other on as one sees others accomplish their goals.
Here is how it works.  You write down as many goals as you want to.   You share these goals with the Social Network.  You may update your status to say what you are doing to get there.  You may even express how difficult you think it is and why.  In contrast, Facebookers have been whining a lot about each other’s posts.  Here is what I like about 43 Things:

  • I haven’t seen any negative comments regarding other people’s posts.
  • There is nothing but encouragement.
  • Everyone is hoping others would accomplish their goals.
  • Imagine receiving cheers in your mailbox and wall page, rather than hisses.
  • Goal accomplishment is encouraged especially among those with similar goals.
  • People are curious to see how others did it (accomplished their goals).
  • You learn from others
  • You can also aim to shoot for others’s goals.  Others are able to think of things you didn’t even think about, but wanted to do.
  • You get there!
Even more fascinating is to watch “cheers” on your wall.  Yay!!  People cheered me the same day I joined!  I guess what I wrote about my goal was compelling.  I love goal oriented people.  Oh and by the way, you can subscribe to fascinating people.  As you and I know, the company you keep can influence you in a good way or a bad way.  So, you get to choose the type of people you want to be around.  Some souls are inspirations, whereas others are entities you want to run from.  Knowing what people are about makes it so much easier.  One example of how they serve as an inspiration is when they write the how-I-did-it piece.

     So to sum it up, people are watching you.  This makes it more compelling for you to take steps to get to your goal.  Whether you post comments of how you are getting there or how you got there, people get inspired by your resolve.  If you don’t have a list of goals already, I suggest you get one.  And if you haven’t joined already, this may be a good time to do so.

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Remedy For High Blood Pressure

Taking natural remedies for high blood pressure is cheaper and more effective. What drives people to alternatives is all the different side effects associated with pharmaceuticals. There are many alternatives without the side effects of conventional pills.
Some of the side effects include headaches, dizziness, constipation, coughing, asthma, increase in urination, fluid retention, joint pain, vomiting, impaired thinking, lethargy, stroke symptoms, body shut down, nausea, impotence, liver damage, depression, insomnia and many other symptoms. These are some of the symptoms that many people experience depending of the type of medication prescribed.

I began to discuss the side effects with my doctor. The doctor in turn, began to give me other medications to treat the side effects. Of course a red flag went of, but I did comply in the beginning. Soon it began to affect my pocketbook significantly. I began thinking that while this makes lots of money for the medical industry and pharmaceutical industry, there has to be a better way. Many patients have reported similar experiences and unfortunately, many individuals have been bankrupted as a result. While working in a call center for collections, I would hear all the stories of people losing their homes and other valuables due to medical bills and the cost of prescriptions. This was across the board and did not involve class or race. So middle class or poor, no one was immune.
The saddest part is that the symptoms are treated, but not the underlying cause. As a result of this, people become dependent on medicines for life. Senior citizens are especially susceptible to this merry-go-round. Lack of money should not lead one to let the problem go untreated. Untreated high blood pressure can lead to stroke and kidney failure, among other things.

One treatment is olive leaf, which is natural. There are other options which I discuss in my book, “How I Avoided Dialysis: And You Can Too!” While the book targets kidney disease, it has a wealth of information for anyone suffering with high blood pressure. The beauty of natural cures is that there are no side effects and are cheaper than conventional medicines.

copyright Mercedes Hawkins 2012
The book can be purchased at

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Why Can’t Some Remeber Past Kindergarten

I remember my first day in school, the names of my grade school classmates and teachers, the names of my neighbors when I was 2, 3 ,4 5 etc. I remember their personalities, things they said, songs they sang, what song was playing on the radio, what they were wearing., their houses -its location relative to ours, all our neighborhoods, gardeners, who got struck by lighting, who died, who got sick, chased by dogs, what the contents of the houses looked like including the color of curtains, the skirt around dressers in neighbor’s house, comments made as to why they decorated the way they did.

I also remember amazing teachers with my memory abilities and ability to read small lettered adult books for older people while others were reading big-lettered books. When I moved to the United States in 3rd grade, I remember yawning at the ridiculous idiot levels were we being taught. It was a big step backwards. I sincerely understand the concept of mis-education and floating backwards. Let me not forget how I had to do everyone’s homework and even draw pictures for them to present as their own. later I had to write people’s poems for them. I felt so used, but being that I was so different it was the only way to fit in. People no longer wanted to fight. They wanted to use my brain and befriended me on that basis. I began to feel like a nerd eventually and I was in an environment where nerdy behavior was not encouraged. Not that I was ever a nerd, but i was very intelligent and multi-talented.

At some point I thought I was the only one who remembered this much based on conversations with people in general. My Mom remembers many of these same events too, and my oldest brother. We have had conversations about events and games we played. One sister remembers many things while another remembers nothing. There was one sister whose classmates I recall, whereas she does not seem to recall very many. I find this to be amazing. Was it because I ate more fruits than she did, early on? (including avocados, mangoes and coconut). Does the food we choose depict who we are early on? Does having an aversion for eating dead things mean you are more in tune? Why are some children forced to eat protein? Is this a myth? Are we falling prey to societal perception as to what the body needs to sustain itself. I recall being nourished by the sun, yet others didn’t even notice the relation between energy from the sun and exposure to it. Why do some people seem to be out of tune? Why are some people accident prone while others seem more balanced. Why can some dance better than others while others sing better? How are we wired differently and why?

I remember being a baby, being in a crib, getting hit by my aunt on a regular basis, and crying to get my diaper change. 50 years later i confront my aunt as to why she ruined my life and she thought she was being funny by teasing me and hitting me. Actually my life was devastated. Her daughter continued the tradition of hitting while I was 2, 3, four and five. She would hit me with coconuts and it would make me bleed. It was very traumatizing because if I fought back I would get a whipping. Fighting back was natural to me but each time I would get beatings even if neighbors picked the fight. This created a conflict in my soul and it seemed to have shattered me in some way.
My memory is ancient. I remember many lifetimes. I recall being born, being in the celestial plane. I remember previous lives. I remember a man who guarded a cave and wouldn’t let anyone in though he was very friendly – that was in this lifetime overseas. I was four. So the amazing thing is people who do not remember. Is it diet? genes? or the nature of different souls. I remember some of my siblings classmates better than they do. What causes some people to lose their memory? I remember being in Rome, England, Atlantis, Mu, Egypt in previous lifetimes. At night I travel to the celestial plane and receive instructions, allegories and communicate with GOOD spirits. There is no fear, just peace. Today I learned a valuable lesson as to why some spirits visit the celestial plane during sleep while others visit hell. I also learned why some souls are tried during this lifetime.

copyright 2012, Mercedes Hawkins

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