How To Pay It Forward


How I did it:     I saw that there were people who were selfish.  I would ask them for a ride and they would ignore me.  Then the tables turned.  Can you believe I gave them a ride?  I even gave them money!  It felt strange at first as I asked myself, “what are you a door mat?”  My higher me answered and said, “No, you’re just fulfilling your destiny with a name that means merciful.”
    At some point we must realize that when we forgive, we are not doing it for the other person.  We are doing it for ourselves. “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”  Carrying bitterness will only harm us.  Our enemy or perpetrator does not care about our emotions.  So, save it.
    In another circumstance, the person was a giver and was refusing my offer of help.  She knew how to give but did not know how to receive.  Eventually I told her that when you refuse to receive, you block the other person’s blessing.  People need to give to feel fulfilled.  She accepted and asked when shall she pay me back.  I replied, do not pay me, “pay it forward.”  I explained to her that I believe in karma.  This means that the person you help does not necessarily have to be the one that helps you.  She cried and said, “Today is pay it forward day!”  I was flabbergasted.
    But either way, it is my belief that the person you give to does not owe you a thing.  Eventually they will “get it” and pay it forward.

Lessons & tips: Don’t worry about the receiver’s behavior.  Don’t worry about their paying you back.  The universe takes care of it.  Your blessings come back to you.  The universe is intelligent and is watching you and thanking you.  Please tune in and you will hear it’s voice.

Resources: Intuition, dreams, visions is what helped me realize that your good deeds do count.  The Movie “Pay It Forward” was simply a reminder

It took me 5 days.

It made me


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