Chia Seed Uses

Chia seeds were used in ancient times for stamina.  The word itself comes from the word Chi, which means energy.  By no coincidence these seeds give you energy.  Today it is used for the same purpose.

Chia seeds contain  manganese, phosphorus, omega 3 and other health benefits, such as vitamins.


You can enjoy chia seeds in  salads, soups or smoothies.  But it does not have to be added to anything.  You can simply enjoy it straight out of the box of bag.   It has a nutty flavor.

Cosmetically speaking, there are those who use it to style their hair.  Most commercial gels are made from the pig.  So now you have no excuse for putting harmful pig parts on your scalp.

If you want to, you can add to cranberry juice.  I prefer the type with no sugar from the health food store sold in concentrated form.  Cranberry is great for kidney infection in any form.


copyright, Mercedes Hawkins 2014

Some people use chia seeds as a substitute for eggs when baking.  This is in tune with those who are vegan and do not wish to deprive the chickens off their eggs.





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