Artificial Sweetners Steal Your Soul

     If you want to save your soul but love sugar, use Stevia as sugar.  Never use man made sugar for it is dangerous.  Stevia on the contrary is made by nature.
     Many people are unaware that atoms dissipate after death in the sense that they become part of lower forms or lower entities.  This is a statement of science, not religion.
     For those who aspire to stay above the rank of amoeba, worms, bacteria and other lower life forms and even what some would call evil life forms, one route is to eliminate man made sugar from their diet.  I just described karma to you but in a scientific manner.  Those who care to comeback intact as a higher form of life would are for their bodies.  Their soul would not be stuck in limbo, but would rather come back with intact memory.  You choose your salvation.  You save your atoms.  You and only you can do this.
     With that being said, let us take a look at man made sugar.  Aspartame is sweet poison.  Many people have become rich selling it because of humans’ desire for sweets or should I say immediate pleasure.  Perhaps it is a little bit of both.  Act now pay later seems to be the trend.  It is bad enough that regular white sugar is linked to diabetes and weight gain.  But so is diet sugar.  Some call it equal, NutraSweet, Splenda and a host of other names.  But whatever the new name aspartame goes by, it is linked to weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure.
     The taste sucks.  I would rather eat something that comes from a tree, helps me, though the taste is not great, than something that will harm me and tastes yuckie too.  In that sense, I don’t understand people who still consume this evil.  If something has been shown to cause cancer, why bother with it?  Grown people actually believe the advertisers who sell them erroneous ideas, and never think to do their own research.  If you are going to kill yourself anyway, why not do it with white sugar which is almost just as harmful but a step up.
 Soda is loaded with white sugar.  But if you add aspartame posing as die it soda you can be sure you will die from it. Diet – die from it.  The death may be slow, but it will surely come.  For some people, it may show up in the skin as skin eruptions, pimples, blackheads or a “rash.”  Your health conditions will show up in your skin.
     Aspartame has been associated with brain damage.  The brain as the house of the thinker, once damaged, can have irreversible effects.  One your mind is gone, there you go.  The first part to form in an embryo is the pineal -pituitary hypothalamus, meaning your essence is connected to brain function.  Once brain ells are fried, bye bye…especially if you continue in that trend.  Dietitians and nutritionists who recommend fake sugar (aspartame) are fooling people, but the brain does not get fooled.  In other words,  the mind may get fooled but not the brain.  A fried brain is a fried brain regardless of what it thinks.  Consuming aspartame and expecting good results based on hearsay is like jumping off a cliff and expecting the law of attraction to save you, totally disregarding the law of gravity.  Laws work hand in hand people.  The law of health is real.  You cannot consume swine, soda, bad fat and aspartame and expect to be healthy.  Aspartame is connected to heart trouble and stroke.  Still want to keep laughing?
     Want more laughs?  Aspartame is associated with metabolic syndrome, so that you are not only packing pounds, but are also ruining your organs.  If you like brain tumors, continue eating aspartame and happy Alzheimer to you.  Aspartame is not bonded to anything that your body can eliminate.  At least with sugar found in nature (fruit for example), pectin is found as part of the compound and this helps you digest it.  Thus in the case of aspartame, the methanol formed by aspartic aid and phenylalanine turns to formaldehyde (because it has nothing to bond to).
 Methanol poisoning include dizziness, shooting pain to the extremities, neurities, vertigo, chills, blurred vision, birth defects and memory lapses.

  •      Severe depression and epileptic seizures are other symptoms which sneak up on aspartame users.  

  • Some schools make this form available to children in the form of diet soda.  You send your children to school with healthy eating habits and they come back as sugar junkies.

  •  Ironic is the fact that you sent them there to be educated.  As parents, we fail when we do not teach our children the harm caused by artificial foods.
  •  It can cost your child’s soul.
     Have you ever noticed that alcohol consumption gives you bulging eyes?  That is because alcohol has so much sugar.  Aspartame does the same thing.  NutraSweet does the same.  It is the same toxin, different name.  It messes with your vision and hearing.  Tinnitis and buzzing are just a few more of the numerous side effects.  Would you like thinning hair?  Well continue Consuming this poison.  How about tremors?  You like tremors and heart palpitations?
     Want interference with hormones? Aspartame blocks dopamine and tyrosine, both of which are necessary for bodily functions.  Te purpose of sugar craving is to get that high or that dopamine effect.  But sine aspartame is not a real sugar, the brain is never satisfied so it asks for more and next thing you know you are addicted.  Both white sugar and aspartame are dangerous in this way.  Aspartame simply has more ill effects, that is all.  Ironically, what is supposed to solve the problem creates more problems.
     Aspartame is addictive and comes in many forms.  It appears as sugar packets, soda, ice tea, chewing gum and can even appear in processed foods.  So read the labels.

  • Rather than give you pimples, like white sugar and aspartame, it actually takes it away.

  • In other words, as a plant, it has anti-microbial characteristics.  Stevia regulates the pancreas, meaning that one can regulate diabetes with this.
     We suffer when we take nature for granted, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Playing god does nothing but wreak havoc, when we could simply turn to nature.
copyright Mercedes Hawkins 2014

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