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Sugar, Alcohol And Evil Spirits


     The influence of evil in the world is great.  Sometimes someone you know may be possessed by a demon and you may not even know it.  Sometimes people hear voices or think certain thoughts that appear to be suggestions from another realm.  Something in you say “drink alcohol” or “eat that piece of cake.”  It all may sound innocent.  But where is it coming from?  And how can these innocent suggestions harm you?

      Alcohol can dry out your skin.  Cakes can interfere with your glucose level, leading to uncomfortable feelings of dis-ease.  Done in repetition, it can be very harmful.  Some say anything in excess is harmful.  But no one ever died of eating too many vegetables.  So what would you rather have vegetable soup or cake?  Cake or alcohol will make you feel good for the moment.  But after  a while, a diet of cake and alcohol takes its toll.

      True enough we all crave comfort foods now and then.  But addictions are the result of listening to spirits of evil.  Some people do not believe in spirits.  But spirits are everywhere.  Demons have been trying to influence humanity for as long as humanity have been around.

      Demons not only make suggestions that will harm you, because they want your soul; But sometimes, they take over your body.  Those people around you whose inclination is forever evil, could be possessed by an evil spirit.  Have you ever met someone who always imagines the worst, even when it is uncalled for?  This kind of remind me of the Biblical passage that mentions a Supreme Being saying, the world must end in a flood in order to eliminate evil.  The source of evil in this case was the mixing of the blood between the Gigantes and humans.  The Giants if you recall was the result of the mixing of beings from another realm and humans, a very unnatural occurrence I might add.

     Prior to the mixing of bloods between the so called sons of gods with the daughters of men, the world was an innocent paradise or Garden.  So if evil resulted from this mixture then was that God evil?  Why would he have evil children?  Either way something terrible happened that wasn’t supposed to happen.  After that the Watchers and Nephilim (sons of the Giants) were seen as evil.  Although others claim not all Watchers were bad.  Some will go as far as to say Satan or the Dragon or Lucifer wasn’t always bad.  It is clear that the created entities were not supposed to have a certain knowledge, to include medicines and weapons along with make-up.

      We learn that certain people can be the offsprings of these unnatural combinations.  One such people are the people called vampires.  Vampires like blood.  Demons like sugar.  We see that sugar causes a lot of harm, particularly processed sugar.  People that like a lot of sugar could be listening to an evil spirit and getting fat in the process.  Notice that the evil “Sons of God” gave mankind means by which they could destroy themselves.  This includes means by which to sharpen objects that cause death, as in sharp knives.  In other words, they were giving out technology by which humans can kill themselves with.

      The next time you have a sweet tooth ask yourself, where is this thought coming from?  Sweets change your skin.  Pimples and blackheads can result from too much sweets.  Alcohol can change your skin to look like a snake, very dry like eczema.  Alcohol can damage your eyes as well.  It could be the sugar in alcohol.  When you drink a lot of alcohol your eyes slant like a snake.  People with diabetes go blind from the excess sugar in flour whose starch turns to sugar and so on.  Many diabetics are in denial as to the relationship between sugar and diabetes.  Yet, their condition worsens with sugar.  Hmn.  You must ask yourself, who are they listening to?  Those who run the medical industry nowadays do not want you to recuperate.  If they did, they wouldn’t be selling you on something that can harm you.  Or is it that they want you to be sick so you can depend on their “medicines?”

     Study people around the world and which groups have an obsession with sugar.  The people of Europe have an excessive sweet tooth.  The Latin Americans did not, until they came in contact with Europeans.  Dracula came from the area of Romania and Germany.  The bloodline of Hemophiliacs comes from Europe.  Hemophiliacs need blood to survive, just like vampires.  Vampires are like parasites in that they depend on other people’s blood to survive.  The Red Cross takes blood and money but rarely distributes money to the real needy people as we saw in Katrina. 

      There is a correlation between sugar and demonic activity.  Sugar plantations were established because of Europeans excessive like for sugar.  Processing sugar involved slave labor.  The slaves were not Europeans.  The captives were indigenous people aka Black people or people of African descent.  The Red Cross and Satan’s Army, I mean Salvation Army did not distribute money or food to victims of floods as in Katrina.  Bush showed his reptilian bloodline at this incident by letting the victims die rather than help them.  We saw the length of time to get “help” or crumbs.


     The other correlation between sugar and demonic activity is Halloween. Innocent children are given stuff that will rot their teeth.  Also they dress up like demons.  The correlation between sugar and demons is real.  Children are taken out of their element and forced into a school system that gives them sugary treats for good behavior.  What is wrong with this picture?  They should be taught the harmful effects of fake sugar.  Some travelers from Canada of European descent were seen giving Black children in third world countries candy;  as if that would help them.  Rice is the official food given to Africa’s children in an act of “helping.”  We are speaking of a starch that turns to sugar and is deprived of minerals.  The brown part of the rice is removed.  Now you have a brain, so you tell me what is wrong with this picture?  Of all the restaurants that throw away food and all the resources in the world, you can only think to give starving people white rice?

      In the book American Vampire, the infected character’s last name was Sweet.  First name was Skinner.  Many movies depict real facts.

      Alcohol has a lot of sugar and the spirits in alcohol makes one act demonic or evil.  Everything has a spirit.  The spirit is either good or bad.  The Serpent twined around the pole or Tree of Good and Evil.  Demons have enough knowledge to lead you to good, but they would rather lead you to evil.  Because we are bored out of our wits, we listen to them.  Evil people appear to be fun.  We must discern between a good spirit and an evil spirit.


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How To Pay It Forward


How I did it:     I saw that there were people who were selfish.  I would ask them for a ride and they would ignore me.  Then the tables turned.  Can you believe I gave them a ride?  I even gave them money!  It felt strange at first as I asked myself, “what are you a door mat?”  My higher me answered and said, “No, you’re just fulfilling your destiny with a name that means merciful.”
    At some point we must realize that when we forgive, we are not doing it for the other person.  We are doing it for ourselves. “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”  Carrying bitterness will only harm us.  Our enemy or perpetrator does not care about our emotions.  So, save it.
    In another circumstance, the person was a giver and was refusing my offer of help.  She knew how to give but did not know how to receive.  Eventually I told her that when you refuse to receive, you block the other person’s blessing.  People need to give to feel fulfilled.  She accepted and asked when shall she pay me back.  I replied, do not pay me, “pay it forward.”  I explained to her that I believe in karma.  This means that the person you help does not necessarily have to be the one that helps you.  She cried and said, “Today is pay it forward day!”  I was flabbergasted.
    But either way, it is my belief that the person you give to does not owe you a thing.  Eventually they will “get it” and pay it forward.

Lessons & tips: Don’t worry about the receiver’s behavior.  Don’t worry about their paying you back.  The universe takes care of it.  Your blessings come back to you.  The universe is intelligent and is watching you and thanking you.  Please tune in and you will hear it’s voice.

Resources: Intuition, dreams, visions is what helped me realize that your good deeds do count.  The Movie “Pay It Forward” was simply a reminder

It took me 5 days.

It made me

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Chia Seed Uses

Chia seeds were used in ancient times for stamina.  The word itself comes from the word Chi, which means energy.  By no coincidence these seeds give you energy.  Today it is used for the same purpose.

Chia seeds contain  manganese, phosphorus, omega 3 and other health benefits, such as vitamins.


You can enjoy chia seeds in  salads, soups or smoothies.  But it does not have to be added to anything.  You can simply enjoy it straight out of the box of bag.   It has a nutty flavor.

Cosmetically speaking, there are those who use it to style their hair.  Most commercial gels are made from the pig.  So now you have no excuse for putting harmful pig parts on your scalp.

If you want to, you can add to cranberry juice.  I prefer the type with no sugar from the health food store sold in concentrated form.  Cranberry is great for kidney infection in any form.


copyright, Mercedes Hawkins 2014

Some people use chia seeds as a substitute for eggs when baking.  This is in tune with those who are vegan and do not wish to deprive the chickens off their eggs.




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Artificial Sweetners Steal Your Soul

     If you want to save your soul but love sugar, use Stevia as sugar.  Never use man made sugar for it is dangerous.  Stevia on the contrary is made by nature.
     Many people are unaware that atoms dissipate after death in the sense that they become part of lower forms or lower entities.  This is a statement of science, not religion.
     For those who aspire to stay above the rank of amoeba, worms, bacteria and other lower life forms and even what some would call evil life forms, one route is to eliminate man made sugar from their diet.  I just described karma to you but in a scientific manner.  Those who care to comeback intact as a higher form of life would are for their bodies.  Their soul would not be stuck in limbo, but would rather come back with intact memory.  You choose your salvation.  You save your atoms.  You and only you can do this.
     With that being said, let us take a look at man made sugar.  Aspartame is sweet poison.  Many people have become rich selling it because of humans’ desire for sweets or should I say immediate pleasure.  Perhaps it is a little bit of both.  Act now pay later seems to be the trend.  It is bad enough that regular white sugar is linked to diabetes and weight gain.  But so is diet sugar.  Some call it equal, NutraSweet, Splenda and a host of other names.  But whatever the new name aspartame goes by, it is linked to weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure.
     The taste sucks.  I would rather eat something that comes from a tree, helps me, though the taste is not great, than something that will harm me and tastes yuckie too.  In that sense, I don’t understand people who still consume this evil.  If something has been shown to cause cancer, why bother with it?  Grown people actually believe the advertisers who sell them erroneous ideas, and never think to do their own research.  If you are going to kill yourself anyway, why not do it with white sugar which is almost just as harmful but a step up.
 Soda is loaded with white sugar.  But if you add aspartame posing as die it soda you can be sure you will die from it. Diet – die from it.  The death may be slow, but it will surely come.  For some people, it may show up in the skin as skin eruptions, pimples, blackheads or a “rash.”  Your health conditions will show up in your skin.
     Aspartame has been associated with brain damage.  The brain as the house of the thinker, once damaged, can have irreversible effects.  One your mind is gone, there you go.  The first part to form in an embryo is the pineal -pituitary hypothalamus, meaning your essence is connected to brain function.  Once brain ells are fried, bye bye…especially if you continue in that trend.  Dietitians and nutritionists who recommend fake sugar (aspartame) are fooling people, but the brain does not get fooled.  In other words,  the mind may get fooled but not the brain.  A fried brain is a fried brain regardless of what it thinks.  Consuming aspartame and expecting good results based on hearsay is like jumping off a cliff and expecting the law of attraction to save you, totally disregarding the law of gravity.  Laws work hand in hand people.  The law of health is real.  You cannot consume swine, soda, bad fat and aspartame and expect to be healthy.  Aspartame is connected to heart trouble and stroke.  Still want to keep laughing?
     Want more laughs?  Aspartame is associated with metabolic syndrome, so that you are not only packing pounds, but are also ruining your organs.  If you like brain tumors, continue eating aspartame and happy Alzheimer to you.  Aspartame is not bonded to anything that your body can eliminate.  At least with sugar found in nature (fruit for example), pectin is found as part of the compound and this helps you digest it.  Thus in the case of aspartame, the methanol formed by aspartic aid and phenylalanine turns to formaldehyde (because it has nothing to bond to).
 Methanol poisoning include dizziness, shooting pain to the extremities, neurities, vertigo, chills, blurred vision, birth defects and memory lapses.

  •      Severe depression and epileptic seizures are other symptoms which sneak up on aspartame users.  

  • Some schools make this form available to children in the form of diet soda.  You send your children to school with healthy eating habits and they come back as sugar junkies.

  •  Ironic is the fact that you sent them there to be educated.  As parents, we fail when we do not teach our children the harm caused by artificial foods.
  •  It can cost your child’s soul.
     Have you ever noticed that alcohol consumption gives you bulging eyes?  That is because alcohol has so much sugar.  Aspartame does the same thing.  NutraSweet does the same.  It is the same toxin, different name.  It messes with your vision and hearing.  Tinnitis and buzzing are just a few more of the numerous side effects.  Would you like thinning hair?  Well continue Consuming this poison.  How about tremors?  You like tremors and heart palpitations?
     Want interference with hormones? Aspartame blocks dopamine and tyrosine, both of which are necessary for bodily functions.  Te purpose of sugar craving is to get that high or that dopamine effect.  But sine aspartame is not a real sugar, the brain is never satisfied so it asks for more and next thing you know you are addicted.  Both white sugar and aspartame are dangerous in this way.  Aspartame simply has more ill effects, that is all.  Ironically, what is supposed to solve the problem creates more problems.
     Aspartame is addictive and comes in many forms.  It appears as sugar packets, soda, ice tea, chewing gum and can even appear in processed foods.  So read the labels.

  • Rather than give you pimples, like white sugar and aspartame, it actually takes it away.

  • In other words, as a plant, it has anti-microbial characteristics.  Stevia regulates the pancreas, meaning that one can regulate diabetes with this.
     We suffer when we take nature for granted, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Playing god does nothing but wreak havoc, when we could simply turn to nature.
copyright Mercedes Hawkins 2014

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