Getting Rid Of Tummy Aches With Stones



 Have you ever had a tummy ache that won’t go away?   Perhaps it was due to excessive junk food indulgence, too many sweets, alcohol or computer radiation.  Perhaps it was a combination of all the above.

     Healing does not always have to involve herbs.  You can also heal aches with stones.

     Here is something I want you to try.  The next time you are aching nonstop, from too much comfort foods or computer radiation, try stones.  You will get the best sleep you ever had.

     Here is how I did it.  It all started with a friend I was helping.  She began asking questions about a painful episode I had gone through.  Deeply seated psychic pain surfaced.  The pain was already there, but talking about it made it worst. It was like revisiting old wounds.  After losing my child, I became completely inoperable.  Sure I knew how to heal but this was different.  I will spare you the pain and agony of how it happened.

But to make a long story short, I knew about healing with herbs.  I could have tried herbs to heal my tummy ache after much comfort food indulgence.  But this time for some reason, I wanted to try something different.

     Flashing back, I remember eating comfort foods for the first time in a long time after that visit.  I also remember staying stuck to the computer, which was making matters worst.  I could feel the radiation of my laptop making my tummy ache worst than it already was.  This was a pain that wouldn’t go away.

     Sure I knew better.  I knew better than drinking coffee, consuming alcohol, eating comfort foods such as cakes and key lime pie.  Do you know how sweet, mango key lime pie is?  My point exactly.  I was asking myself, how could I do all this to myself when I know about acidosis?  How could I do this after making my body so pure?  The answer was easy.  I was trying to dull the pain.  If you are a parent, you should be able to relate; especially if your child’s death involved torture.

My friend told me she would do a ritual to help my daughter get unstuck from the limbo of her ordeal.  I gave her all the ingredients she asked for, although technically I didn’t have it.  In other words, I was broke.  This was at a time when people had drained me, using me.  They would come stay with me and steal.  Some would raid my refrigerator and I would go hungry.  It was too much helping the helpless.  Sometimes helpless people can be very inconsiderate.  I could not say no to them because, what if the shoe were on the other foot?  Wouldn’t I want someone to help me?  These were people that had been evicted and had nowhere to go.  But sometimes “good” people steal from you directly and or indirectly.  Whether they are using up all your water, food,  juice, clothes, whatever, it all adds up.  Sometimes they take things without asking.  When this happens, it makes me feel disrespected.  It is like saying, I do not respect you enough to even ask, do you need this?

 I wobbled into a down spiraling depression.  Drained, disrespected, taken for granted, I began to watch movies while eating junk food.  I especially ached for my daughter.  I felt judged and punished.  I wondered, what did I do in a past life to deserve this fate?  I tried helping everyone in order to make up for bad karma in case I was guilty in another past life.  But even with that, there were many who took it for granted.  My finances were drained and I myself was at risk of losing everything.

   Oh I really did it now.  I experienced a pain that will not go away.  Why didn’t I consider herbs this time?  Instinctively I looked at my stones and wondered, would these stones take care of the pain?  My mind was telling me yes.  I recall healing chronic kidney illness with herbs.  The back of my mind was telling me that stones can take care of tummy ache.  So I tried it.  Mind you, the pain was so bad I could not sleep for several nights.  I could barely breath.

 After staring at the stones and wondering for a couple of days, my gut just said do it.  I asked myself, should I grab one at a time or all at once?  I grabbed all the stones at once, as they lay on my table under a soft black cloth.  I grabbed the black cloth with all the stones on it and placed them on my tummy as I watched movies on Netflix on my laptop.  I was determined to be exposed to computer radiation while I healed with these stones.  Call it mind over matter or whatever.  But the reality is that the pain stopped immediately.  I enjoyed my movies.  Not only that, but I slept sounder than I ever had in a long time.  I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and healthy.  Thank you stones, I said.  In the world of nature you cannot take things for granted.  The mineral kingdom wants to be thanked too.

    I cannot tell you the names of all my stones.  But it includes the following: clear crystals, quarts, emerald, Celestine, amethysts, fluorite, tourmaline, agate, pyrite, shungite, kyanite and a host of others.  This should give you an idea that stones work hand in hand with each other.  The mineral kingdom got together and said, let us help this poor soul.

 The next time your tummy aches, I dare you to use the Mineral Kingdom to your advantage.  Apply stones to your tummy and you will see great results.

copyright, Mercedes Hawkins 2014


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