How to Ruin Your Looks

 Looking great is simple.  Do not do the things that ruin your looks.

Observation:  have you ever noticed that women age quicker than men?  Is it that women worry about their children more?  Perhaps they worry about finances, aka security. Is make-up ruining women’s skin?  Who knows.

     This post is not about women.  It applies equally to men. But I did notice that men look great even without make-up.  What is that all about?

     Whether you are a man or a woman, there are certain things that ruin your looks.  Drinking alcohol is at the top of the list.  Next is eating sugar, eating bad fats and worrying, in no particular order for the final three.  Another thing to consider is the amount of water you drink.  For those who smoke, the result shows up in your looks immediately.

 Alcohol dehydrates you, makes you fat, gives you bags under your eyes, makes your eyes bulgy, leads to inflammation, fattens your belly and face, among other things.  It affects your liver negatively.  Did you know that the act of  drinking alcohol can block vitamins and nutrients  Also, have you noticed that your immune system is immediately compromised upon over consumption?  Alcohol thanks you with skin spots and red eyes.  If you have been drinking, it shows.  Because alcohol is a poison, it speeds up the aging process.  Just because you cannot see what it is doing to your liver, kidneys and insulin process, doesn’t mean it is not harming you inside and out.  In fact, it is such a poison that the body has to completely shut down, just to repair itself.

     Sugar:  Sugar makes skin lifeless.  All the make up in the world does not help dull skin.  Sugar molecule attaches to protein and ruins collagen.  Inflammatory spikes sags your skin.  Besides acne, sugar creates bad chemicals in your blood.  Your blood does not lie to your skin.  Wrinkles form on your skin as a result of this bombardment of chemicals.

 Bad fats lad to blackheads.  So much for beautiful skin. There is nothing beautiful about cellulite.  Bad fats release toxins when fried.  Bye bye beautiful skin.

     Worry brings on wrinkles.  The faces you make when you worry shape the contour of your skin.  Not only that, but, it also tends to bring on grey hair.

     Alcohol, sugar, worry and bad fats do not enhance your looks, just the opposite.  Some of the ill effects overlap.  These foods and drinks make you look older than you are.  It is not a pretty picture.  No pun intended.

copyright, Mercedes M Hawkins 2014


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