Heavy Metals Found in Regular Cow’s Milk And Powdered Milk

 Do you ever wonder how heavy metals get into your system?  For those of you who do not know, heavy metals cause dysfunction in our organs, which leads to disease.  It is especially bad for the kidneys because the kidneys are a filtering organ.  Any organ that filters toxins is bound to be overloaded when confronted with heavy metals.  This is because there are already enough toxins to contend with in our polluted environment.  So if you add something as serious as heavy metals to the chemical soup both externally and internally, then you have a serious problem.  Heavy metals are not easy to get rid of unless you do something special.


 One way that heavy metals get into your intestines is by drinking milk.  Whenever there is a storm, the first thing people grab is cow’s milk and bread.  They should grab Almond Milk instead and Spelt Bread.  University studies indicate that powder milk has an unacceptable amount of heavy metals.  It is speculated that it gets there in the first place because cow’s are exposed to polluted environments.   Sometimes what the cows are fed is also exposed to heavy metals, so it is not just a matter of environmental pollution.  It has also been determined that water is part of the problem. Lead, Cadmium and Aluminum are the most dangerous heavy metals when it comes to human consuming it.

As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, milk can be contaminated with heavy metals during its manufacturing process.  e (Ukhun et al., 1990; El-Batanouni and Abo El-Ata, 1996).  You may find people who say all human beings have heavy metals in them and thus it is okay.  But the problem is with the amount of the exposure, not the exposure per se.  In other words, excessive exposure leads to life threatening problems.  (Protasowicki, 1992; Akhter et al., 2004). If the line between what is essential and what is overdose is unknown, then it is best to eat wholesome foods, rather than food with added chemicals.  Mother Nature wins the game of playing God every time.  That is because isolated vitamins and chemicals do not fool the body.  In nature, nutrients work in a synergistic fashion.  That is, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients complement each other and cannot work alone.  That is the way the world has always been designed.  If an atom loses an electron or proton, it won’t be stable and becomes something else.  That may not be the best example but you get the picture.



It is not recommended that you drink milk.  The heavy metals in it can turn your stool light colored.  It is bad enough that its color is white, and now you have to deal with heavy metals which also turn your stools white.  The best thing is to drink Almond Milk.  Almond Milk does not come from an animal source.  Almonds do not graze nor are they fed food stuff full of heavy metals.  They also contain a generous amount of protein.  Furthermore, almonds are not acidic,meaning that they are alkaline.  People whose health is not the best, should consider a healthy alternative.


copyright Mercedes M Hawkins 2014


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