Why Drink Water Before Breakfast – A Must

 The other day I learned that it is a good idea to drink water first thing in the morning, last thing at night and half an hour before retiring.  It has to do with your body’s flushing system and its circadian cycle.


     At the time, it seemed like a great deal of water.  I thought about kidney sufferers and how they cannot drink too many liquids and yet at the same time water is good for the kidneys.  So it makes sense to cut down on sweet drinks because sweet drinks doesn’t leave much room for water when there is limited space.  We all know water is the great flusher.  Thus, drinking water should be a no brainer.  It is amazing that people spend so much time drinking coffee and alcohol, knowing that both are bad for the kidneys.


     Here is why I think people drink coffee and alcohol although it has been declared to be bad for the filtering systems, such as the kidneys and the liver.  People work stressful job.  When they get home, they just want to relax.  A glass of wine or liquor helps us relax.  This however makes us sluggish in the morning.  We are encouraged to drink wake up juice, otherwise known as coffee.  Furthermore, coffee takes away the hangover.  Thus we get into the cycle of relax wale up alcohol coffee in an endless cycle.

   It is important to note that certain juices such as orange juice make one gain belly fat.  So it is wise not to indulge in it.  I am speaking of commercial orange juice, not freshly squeezed orange juice.


     At the end of the day, we are 70 % water if not more.  We live in water inside our mother’s womb.  Those who do not honor having a moist body suffer organ malfunction.

     Water before breakfast and before bed is really helping many people. Nothing like water to start and end the day. When we were little, we envied the children who drank anything but water. Now I see how fortunate we were, to keep our systems flushed and have great skin.

copyright, Mercedes Hawkins 2014


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