Sodium Fluoride, Pineal Gland And Detox

By now a lot of people have been fooled into thinking that fluoride prevents cavities.  Everything that is stated by authoritative figures is not entirely true.  The fact is that absorbing sodium fluoride  is going to stop your pineal gland from dreaming, depending on the level of toxicity.  It also causes sheeple behavior and interferes with the functioning of vital organs.

As if that wasn’t enough, sodium fluoride dumbs you down.  Aside from dumbing you down, it damages the liver and kidneys.  Another concern is that it leads to Alzheimers disease.  Already it has shown to lower IQ.   The pineal gland becomes calcified as a result of being bombarded with nuclear waste called sodium fluoride.  You must understand that the pineal gland is the melanin producer.  Melatonin is needed for sound sleep.   The pineal is the physical link between the third dimensional physical world and the ethereal plane and or spiritual plane.  It becomes clear that someone wants to imprison us into a matrix of pure physical reality.  You must also remember the story of Joseph who had a deep connection with the spirit world when he tapped into melatonin or sound sleep.  Not only did he activate the pineal gland, but notice that it occured after sleeping on a natural surface.   Stones do activate Chakras to include the third eye, which is the equivalent of the pineal gland.  In other words, the pineal gland is the physical manifestation of the portal that connect us to the quantum universe in its spiritual aspect.

 When your pineal gland becomes calcified you have two choices – you either eat melanin rich foods or detox.   When the pineal becomes calcified, it no longer produces melatonin.   Have you ever noticed that people who do not recall their dreams lack a spiritual connection?   In other words, they lack spirituality and are either cold natured  or something is missing.  Dealing with them is like looking at a blank slate.  I don’t know about you but I felt l like saying ‘hello is anybody there?

     Perhaps they have had too much exposure to this industrial waste called sodium fluoride. You probably have had a lot more exposure to it than you think. Whether representatives come to your schools as children to add fluoride treatments to your teeth, or whether you use it in toothpaste, chances are you have been exposed.  It is in tap water.  You bath and shower with it.  Probably even cook with it.  And let us not forget the famous vaccines everyone is required to get prior to entering any school.   Perhaps you even cooked with Teflon or other coated pots and pans. 

 If you eat fish, that is one of the main sources of fluoride contamination.  Fluoride is a waste product of the manufacturing industry.  Unfortunately they tend to throw waste into the waterways, oceans, rivers and lakes.  The fact that it is found in regular fish lets you know it exists in even larger quantities in the fish scavengers.  Yet many people continue to eat fish scavengers.  Fish scavengers  include lobsters, clams, oysters, crabs, snails, eels, shrimp, and catfish to name a few.  In fact, scavenger fish are utilized to keep the fish tanks clean.  That right there should let you know they eat anything.   

     If you use pesticides or insecticides you have been exposed.  Some bottled waters contain it, so please read the label.  Sodium Fluoride  is even in baby foods.  Welcome to the matrix, where one gets tricked into dumbing down our children.  Soy milk for babies also has it.  Certain pharmaceutical (commercial medicines) contain it.

     Unless you have a filter all over your house, you are exposed.  Otherwise you might as well flush it out on a regular basis.

 Liquid lecithin and iodine are a good starting point for fluoride detoxification.  Since sleep deprivation negatively affect the thyroid, many recommend iodine to combat fluoride contamination.   See, there is a connection between sound sleep and fluoride.  As I said earlier, Fluoride contamination interferes with dreaming.  Onw can only dream when one is sound asleep.   If you cannot find an iodine supplement, try eating seaweeds (to include kelp);  for they too contain good levels of iodine.  It is recommended that you consume tamarind, for it too excretes  fluoride.  Infrared saunas help, but not many people can afford them on a regular basis.  Boron has also been shown to help in this respect.  

     Since the level of fluoride is greater in toothpaste than water, it is suggested that you not use commercial toothpaste.  Use baking soda or switch to Ayurvedic toothpastes.  Also since most produce is sprayed for bug killing, you will want to wash thoroughly all produce.  As I said earlier, insecticides contain significant amounts of sodium fluoride.  This author successfully used selenium as well.

 Being exposed to Sodium Fluoride is no fun.  It can shut down organs such as liver and kidneys.  Not only that, but it interferes with dreaming and the function of the pineal gland.  You can detox from Socium Fluoride exposure, although it is everywhere.

copuright Mercedes Hawkins 2012


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