I Love The Sun

 Some of the simplest things in life are free; like the sun.  I cannot wait until winter is over.  Lack of sun can be very depressing.  In the winter you are either facing snow, rain , extreme wind or extreme cold weather.  I do not understand people who enjoy winter over summer.


     Some people say winter sterilizes germs.  That may be true, but at what price?  If you cannot go outside, how will you interact with people?  How will you meet anyone, if you are cooped up in bed?  Also, it is not likely that you will meet up with your friends either.  They are either home nursing a cold or cooped up in bed like you.  Human beings are sociable by nature.  Winter goes against nature.  Trees wilt.  Flowers do not grow.

     Whereas in the summer time, trees grow and bloom.  People come outside.  The sun lifts spirits.  People are more socially as they wear sunshiny faces.  It is easier to catch people walking the sidewalks or dirt roads.  No person in their right mind will walk miles to a store in dead winter.  Sure there are polar bears.  But they are the exception.

 In the winter, we face school closings, job closings, business closings and traffic problems.  Cars skid in black ice.  Some people enjoy apocalyptic weather, because they get breaks from school and work.  However, after a while, it gets old.  They either miss out on money or school related activity, such as socializing.  You can only watch but so many movies or news.  I never tire of reading books, but simple things like organizing are challenging.  Appointments are missed.  The weather is simply too cold to do anything. 

    I see now why people become depressed when the sun is not around.  Ever heard the expression, it is such a gloomy day?  We hear that a lot on cloudy days, when the sun is not around.  One statistic that is not so fun is that people are more likely to commit suicide in the winter time.  Lives could be saved if people just live in sunny weather.

     I have heard a few people say they like cold weather.  And  must say, I wonder about them.  How are they wired?  All life originates in sunny area.  It is unnatural to dislike the sun.  Animals do not wear coats.  I really don’t think we were meant to be far away from the sun.  I love the sun and the energy it brings.  Sometimes I get so much energy from the sun that I do not have to eat.  I love the sun.


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