Yucca And The Kidneys

    Whether you spell it yuca or yucca, yucca can be used to treat certain kidney conditions.

     When the Adrenal Glands, located atop the kidneys, fail to produce sufficient cortisol, doctors come to the rescue.  Some people take cortisol and other steroids as recommended by doctors.  These in turn can ruin the kidneys.  They are created in a lab thus unnatural.  Even my own doctor admitted it.  Why not just use something natural and save your kidneys?  In fact, yucca has been traditionally used to treat kidney and liver conditions.  

Many people love to eat yucca for it is is a tradition among native Americans and Hispanics.  What some people eat in one culture is medicinal properties in other.  For example, some people boil it and eat it with avocados.  Just the thought of it makes my mouth watery.  Others use it as a side dish.  Some bake it into a non sweet pie with seeds and cheese.  There is also a snack, where it is fried.  I add garlic powder to it and salt, when it is fried.  Actually, I eat it all kinds of ways.


     But did you know that yucca has cortisols?  So now that you know, you no longer have to settle for lab cortisol.  I remember one doctor admitted that lab pharmaceuticals designed to act as cortisol and steroids result in kidney failure.  These substances are designed to treat pain and inflammation.  Well yucca contains a compound with not only cortisol but it also acts as a steroid.  Furthermore, kidneys are treated with yucca.  Those who desire a kidney or liver flush must do the following.  Boil yucca.  Use the water as a kidney flush or liver flush.  It is that simple.  Unfortunately a lot of people throw the water away.  My family thought I was crazy saving these waters.  Native Americans and Hispanics have done this for years.  But not everyone know of the medicinal benefits of yucca.  Since I am focusing on kidneys, I am only naming just a few.

The human body naturally produces a steroid hormone called cortisol.  The pituitary gland can detect if there is little cortisol in the blood and acts accordingly, to effect the adrenal gland.  The Adrenal Gland is located atop the kidneys.  When one are short on cortisol one becomes fatigued and it can be fatal.  Look up Addison’s disease.  Your immune system falters and you develop autoimmune symptoms. But you no longer need to relay on lab cortisol. 

     People in Latin America eat yucca without thinking of the medicinal benefits.  It is simply a part of a tradition.  The fact that it is an anti-inflammatory and kidney flush explains why people are healthier in certain parts of the world.  It is very important that you use a natural cortisol such as yucca, because lab grown cortisols kill kidney function.  Click here for symptoms of low cortisol in blood. low cortisol symptoms


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