Consider Healthy Black Rice

Black rice rocks.  Black rice is so bundled with nutrition, that it was once reserved for royalty.  I must say, the first time I heard of black rice was from Dr Sebi.  He says it is electrical.  Dr Sebi only approves of electrical original foods.  I am loving it.

     The anti-oxydants in black rice come in the form of anthocyains, which are very important to us. They protect us from cancer, inflammation, and are also considered to be neuro-protective.  This means that they help protect our nervous system from degeneration. Anthocyains are what give fruits and veggies (and flowers) their color. They are part of the flavonoid family.

     Other than vitamin E, minerals and fiber, black rice also  has iron,proteins and manganese.  For anyone considering a blood tonic, this is it.  You will thank yourself after three days of eating black rice.  In addition, black rice contains  trace elements, including molybdenum.

 The Vitamin E portion of black rice is found in the bran.  This bran contains gamma-tocotrienol and other compounds known to reduce cholesterol.  As you have probably guessed by now, black rice has more bran than brown rice and twice the fiber.  Constipated people may want to add this to their diet.  In addition, black rice releases compounds that prove to be anti-inflammatory.  Other research conclude that it is good for the brain and has anti-aging properties.  Other vitamins include A,C and the mineral calcium, which is said to be both a vitamin and a mineral.  Black rice also contain 18 amino acids.  They include zinc, copper and carotene.  When you consider that acai is sought after for similar nutrients, you must realize you have a winner in your hands.

     When one considers that rice in and of itself is a staple food, it seems  a no-brainer to add black rice to one’s diet.  The high nutritional value alone is enough to justify it.  High in flavonoids and good at inflammation, it is a winner.


copyright 2014 Mercedes Beato-Hawkins


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