Olives Are Wonderful For Allergies

   Many people eat olives and are unaware of it’s benefits.  They are eaten in Africa, The Mediterranean and Latin America, which includes the Caribbean Islands of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico.


     It is not clear why people began to eat olives, but they sure are tasty.  It is difficult to imagine that people eat things for their benefits.  I personally prefer the green, but to each his own.  Some companies add chemicals to turn it black so that it can appear black.  Black means it is ripe.  Green means it is not really ripe.  But in either way, both maintain the same health benefits, so what difference does it make?  A definition of ripeness is the difference.  Plantains are either ripe or not.  But people still eat both with equal benefits.

  That being said, let us look at the benefits of olives.  I cannot address all of the benefits in this short article, restricted by time.  But I just though I would share a few thoughts before I hit the road.  Olives have Oleic Acid, which is a fatty acid that act as antioxidant.  This monounsaturated fat does not raise the bad cholesterol.  This plant also has minerals.  Indeed there are vitamins and phyto-sterols in this plant in a significant amount.  Its vitamin E and carotenoids fight cancer and inflammation.  Some studies even suggest that it contains ibuprofen.  Some of the minerals include calcium and iron.


    The most amazing part is that it can be used for allergies.  Some people’s eyes water easily during the allergy season.  Other people feel an itchy sensation around allergy time.  Others feel both.  Olives function as anti-histamines by blocking histamine receptors called H1 receptors.  Anyone who suffers with allergies should consider making olives a part of their diet.


Not only have studies shown that olives have properties that deal with allergy symptoms and inflammation in general, but there are vitamins and minerals to consider.  I personally experienced relief of allergy symptoms after indulging in olives.  I have always liked olives for their taste.  But little did I know, it is the only item that can relieve severe allergy symptoms.

 copyright, Mercedes Hawkins 2012


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