Head Stand Will Make You Whole Again

     As a child I would do shoulder stands.  This act was completely instinctual.  I have been doing this since birth.  After high school, I stopped altogether.  I stopped exercising also.  I never knew just how beneficial headstands and shoulder stands were.

     If I had to recommend anything to anyone about growing up, it is this: continue doing your shoulder stands.  Children do what is good for their health instinctively.  As a child, I was a fruitarian and did shoulder stands.  Today, I regret  having abandoned these practices.  Looking back now, had I not been forced to eat meat, my health would have taken on a completely different turn.  Today I want to talk about shoulder stands and headstands.

     Both shoulder stands and head stands are good for you in different ways.  Honestly, I never knew these were yoga poses.  I took yoga in high school but we never did headstands or shoulder stands.  It was a very brief class.  Even when my sister and I continued doing yoga on our own, we never came across literature or illustrations of headstands.

     Recently, I went to a psychic fair.  The doctor there ran a test on me and recommended I sit and put head to the ground.  He said this would improve digestion, assist the heart and brain. As I sat in an inverted position, I thought of all the shoulder stands I used to do.  Then I decided to look up more information on it.  Here is what I have found.  Inverted positions improve the cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, endocrine system and nervous system.  Come to think of it, the doctor did say it would help me breath better and assist with depression.  All of this explains why I used to feel so healthy as a child.http://www.sunandmoonstudio.com/Articles/headstand.html

 I recommend that people never stop moving, whether it is outright exercise or yoga.  If nothing else do head stands.  The heart pumps blood and affects the lungs.  Head stands give the heart a rest.  I noticed that my sinuses cleared up immediately.  Funny I did this after midnight when I couldn’t sleep.  Not only did my insomnia go away, but overall health had improved.  I was no longer feeling tense.  So as I researched the issue, I was bearing witness to its veracity.  The research indicated that head stands are good for insomnia and bad nerves.

 The lymphatic system needs to be in tip top shape because it affects waste.  Head stands give brain clarity, while shoulder stands give emotional stability.  Either stand helps the Master Glands to work properly, especially the release of important hormones.  Before an older person decides to do this, they should see a doctor.  Use your common sense.  If you are a menstruating female wait until after your period.  I thought that was common sense, but I just had to say it, since it is not recommended.  When I did the shoulder stand, I did it on my bed.  Some recommend you use a yoga mat.

     Overall, if a person wants good health, they should never stop doing body inversions.  In this state, the body goes against gravity.  This helps one maintain a youthful appearance.  Four major bodily systems improve when head stands and shoulder stands are implemented.copyright,  Mercedes Hawkins 2014


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