Laptop Radiation


It is not clear why we do things that we know is not good for us.  Everyone knows  that laptops emit harmful radiation.  Yet many people use them without protection.  Not only that, but they actually use it as the name implies, on their lap.

     A laptop is best used as a desktop.  In other words, place the laptop on a desk, not on your laps.  Some of us are not of child-bearing age, so we do not care if our eggs get fried.  But believe it or not, men have to protect themselves too.  Those men who still want to give birth out to reconsider having a laptop on their laps.  The heat alone felt coming from a laptop is sufficient evidence that we are dealing with an interesting machine subject to as much radiation as a microwave.  Some laptop heat more than others.  But even the new ones are not free from radiation.

No one has to suffer.  They can wear a blanket around the stomach or lap if not both.  It is of course preferred that the cloth be anti-radiation.  This occurs just as you would protect self with a shield in an X-ray lab or room.

     Other people protect themselves by using stones.  My favorite is Tourmaline.  Only certain stones protect against harmful radiation.

     If you decide to use one of those screen protectors just remember that although they work, they do not lend themselves to touch screen options. Delbert Blair has the best tool in the market.  He is a doctor and a meta-physician.  You can find him on the web.  His product is called Diode Emf Protection.

     When it comes to exposure to radiation, to each his own.  Some people take on a fatalistic attitude of resignation about laptop radiation exposure.  They leave the laptop on day and night as if there is no harmful radiation.  Yet they feel exhausted after long periods of laptop usage.  There are many ways to protect oneself from radiation exposure due to laptop usage.  The author is not judging, just informing.


copyright Mercedes Hawkins 20014


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