Don’t Drink TapWater


I realize this article is not as in-depth as the show I produced concerning the same topic.  I am not even trying to be deep right now.  That is because we live in a prison planet.  But you don’t have to suffer if you don’t want to.

     I will not even mention how all this came about.  But I will say a few things about fluoride.  It is used for rat poison.  So for anyone to put it in your water is an insult.  Basically, they are calling you a rat.  Fluoride ruins teeth, turning them yellow and prone to cavities, just the opposite of what they say.  Either they are incredibly stupid or they are trying to numb you down.  Fluoride  is a by-product of nuclear and manufacturing industries.  I will not go into details, but expect you to research it for yourself.  The hint is that it is cheaper to dump waste into the public’s gullible arse than to pay high waste fees.  But even worst is the fact that they are trying to alter your behavior. 

I probably should list all the terrible aspects of fluoride exposure.  But I really do not feel like it. I expect you to research it for yourself.  The article would be too long for one.  Two, it is late and I really do not feel like it.  Three, it is not worth the repercussions. Perhaps some other time.

     Many spring waters are not spring waters at all.  Many are just tap water being sold as spring water.

     For right now, try to get a filter for your entire house.
A cheap way to get rid of chemicals in water is to swish wheat grass into the water.  You can also try charcoal in cheese cloth.

     It makes no sense for me to try to convince people who are bent on fitting in.  Smart people can taste the chemicals in the water.  The fact that this ingredient is used as rat poison is sufficient to have people wondering just what is the agenda.


copyright 2014, Mercedes Hawkins


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April 3, 2014 · 12:52 am

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