Staying Active For Weight Loss


Have you ever wondered why children stay skinny and adults get fat?  It all boils down to activity levels.  To me, the old saying that hard work never killed anyone, takes on a whole new meaning.

This has been confirmed by those who live in ranch homes, who previously lived in a two story home. Living in a two story home or apartment certainly forces one to stay in shape.  There is something about going up the stairs that keep you healthy.  In other words, active people stay in shape.  I recall a car salesman who lost weight simply by showing cars.  The lot at Car-max is humongous.


Children stay slimmer than their grown up counterparts.  That is because children tend to go outside and play.  What appears to be play time is actually keeping them in shape.  Whether they are playing tag, kickball, riding a bicycle or playing basketball; children stay in shape.  I am reminded of how we used to go swimming every summer or play kickball in the yard. We always had a slim, muscular look.  Even playing at the playground is a form of exercise.


The saddest part for everyone is to become a couch potato.  Those who do not exercise have muscles that become flaccid.


The older you get the more alcoholic beverages you drink, and the less exercise you engage in.  This is really unhealthy because you are adding more sugars and less exercise.  And then you wonder why you gain weight.Try purchasing a video workout and then actually use it.  If you like hip hop, why not a hip hop video?  If you like Latin dancing, why not a Latin dancing video?  Even better, go to the Latin Clubs and dance the night away.  Okay, at least for a few hours. 

The reason I suggest dancing or video workout is because when you are having fun it does not seem like work.  Exercise on the other hand seems like work.  That is why it is called a workout.  In terms of children, they are too busy having fun to even know they are exercising.

copyright 2012 Mercedes Hawkins


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