Why Olive In A Martini?



Have you ever wondered why people put olives in Martinis?  Before we go there, let us learn how the Martini got its name.

     The most consistent stories are that a  miner won some money or had a hard day at work.  Either he wanted to celebrate or needed a drink to escape.  Either way, the bartender being from Martinez California, where the event took place, made him a strong drink.  The drink consisted of Italian Vermouth and gin.  I cannot remember the third ingredient.  It could have been Vodka.  Bear with me.  But cherry liquor or some sweet syrup was added the same day or later.

     It turned out, that the drink was so strong that he could no longer pronounce the last letter of the name of the drink, Martinez.  Thus was born, the name, Martini.  It is unclear whether the olive was later added

Another odd combination is olive and chocolate cake.  I never understood why someone would eat olives mixed with chocolate cake, but it happened.  When I grew up, olives were added to ground beef dishes and spaghetti.

     So what is it about the olives that make people add them to Martinis and chocolate?  I personally hate Martinis because they are too strong.  My premonition is that because Martinis are so strong and chocolate cake causes inflammation, from all the sugar, olives are added as a buffer.  The liquor in Martini causes inflammation because it is strong liquor.  And let us not mention the sweet part.  

     I hope Martinez California or bartenders don’t hate me for posting this.  Maybe I will take it down if I get too much hate mail.  But I just wanted to make the point that olives get rid of inflammation, particularly fresh olives.  Just as lemons are served with liquor to help one’s immune system against radicals, olives are added to Martinis to fight inflammation.  But most people throw these away.  What a waste of good products.

I heard both stories, so I decided to combine the two, without leaving anything out. Olives are the best kept secret when it comes to inflammation riddance.  It saved my life during one episode of severe inflammation.  People just have to know how to find fresh ones, to avoid salt overdose.  I hope this article helped you to eat lemon wedges, orange wedges and above all, olives.


copyright Mercedes Hawkins


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