Eucalyptus Oil To The Rescue



  I love to bathe in water that has a touch of essential oil.  Today’s essential oil is eucalyptus.

     When I want to relax and detox, I add essential oil to the bathtub.  Along with that, I add bath salts.  It is especially helpful to add magnesium to help the muscles relax.  The icing on the cake is a good smelling essential oil strictly for the aromatherapy aspect, although it is not always necessary.

     For example, today I only used eucalyptus oil, and that is it.  With the ragweed and other allergens in the air, my mind was on functionality alone; not just de-stressing.

     I do not know what it is about me.  But I hit the mark every time.  If I have a health issue, my mind tells me what to use automatically.  For instance, my hair was thinning and breaking.  My mind said add black seed and sure enough; research confirmed that it is good for just that.  In a like manner, I was having allergy problems.  I am thinking that the solution is eucalyptus.  Now I am reading about good results that people have obtained from using eucalyptus.  I suppose, this is an example of instincts.  It is either that or ancestral communication.  Either way, I am glad it works.

     However you chose to use eucalyptus, it counts.  I add dropfuls into my tub.  The results are wonderous.  I realize that the menthol in Vick’s Vapor Rub comes from the eucalyptus plant.  Either way, camphor and eucalyptus comprise of the main ingredient in Vick’s vapor Rub.  This has always worked for me in fighting colds and allergies.  Could it be the antibacterial properties? or the anti-inflammatory properties?  Or is it the de-stressing effect?  Whatever it is, I feel better.


copyright Mercedes Hawkins 20014


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